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Aug 2008

Kari Ann Owen is a Ph.D. level scholar in religion, theology and literature, born Karen Iris Bogen in Brooklyn, New York. She determined very early in her life to become a writer of conscience, and her poetry and plays certainly reflect that goal.

Kari Ann won the Academy of American Poets Prize at New York University in 1972, and her poetry has been published in The Humanist and many other magazines. Her essays and articles have been published in feminist and other political journals, and magazines about disability; subjects range from the George W. Bush administration’s nuclear policy to living with a disability and training and living with a service dog partner.

Her plays have been performed at the John F. Kennedy for the Performing Arts during the Very Special Arts Festival in June 2004, and at the George R. Moscone Center and Fort Mason Center, San Francisco; and in Chicago. Kari Ann writes both tragedy and comedy, and has addressed political and social atrocities ranging from rape and incest to the Vietnam War and the Nixon Administration’s destruction of Salvador Allende’s democratic government in Chile, among many other subjects.

Kari Ann has studied and performed modern dance in Berkeley, CA and San Francisco; has sung in Bay Area churches and on radio stations; and her art has graced the cover of a Los Angeles magazine and been exhibited at art shows.

Personal victories include learning to walk and ride a horse again after a short period of time spent in a wheelchair because of crippling sciatica, and losing 118 pounds after gastric bypass surgery in December 2000.

Kari Ann is the widow of Silas S. Warner, computer scientist, public transportation advocate, composer and science fiction writer and creator of “Castle Wolfenstein”, the first talking video game.

Love is strong as death.
-Song of Solomon

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