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The first time I read in public I was at work reading stats at a staff meeting as to my progress on getting a project done.  Years later I found myself doing much the same thimg at a different company. Luckily no one really commented much my biggest fear was to have them snoring through the report but they just stared with the glazed look of caffeine deprived labrats.

Sadly, I had to read the eulogy at my moms memorial. I was a ball of nerves; surrounded by seniors from my moms retirement home half of which didn't like her as she managed to land Geroge, a candidate for prime real estate at the place. The others were family members and friends who I knew wouldn't bite. However when I am nervous I talk with my hands.  I nearly upended a water glass and was close to send a microphone flying. I was afraid the ashes were going to start heckling me. I can still hear moms voice in my head "SLOW DOWN"

Finally, I was at my first book launch for a book I wrote. DEAD ON ARRIVAL, and I had to read a section that was riddled with typos. I was tripping over my own words as I adlibbed my own material.

In each case the venues were not huge but still as I had been merciless tormented as a kid  during public speaking events, that fear carried through to adulthood. I do not like the nasal tone of my voice  and that makes me nervous as well. I guess I will just have to practice before I need to go out and do it again.

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Hi Karen.  I also entered a post in "the readings blog" category.  I can so relate to how you feel about reading in public.  I also read the eulogy at my mother's funeral, except SHE wrote it.  Yep.  Before she died.  Afterwards all 500 people in church started clapping.  For her, not me.  But it did feel fantastic.  Reading my own material is harder.  Yes.  I think practice helps.  And as I said in my post, we learn by doing.

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why did your mom write her own eulogy? I have never heard that being done. I won't even begin to speculate. If mom had written ehr own I can only surmise that she had a few parting shots or she didn't trust us to say anything nice about her.    I am adoer as well so whenI go and do my book reading at my book signing I am going to practice before I go up there.

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Hi Karen.  This was

Hi Karen.  This was definitely a first.  I have nine brothers and sisters and Mom wanted to say good-bye to them all and tell them she loved them and to apologize for any mistakes she may have made.  She said she would watch over all of us--especially the grandchildren--from heaven.  It was beautiful.  And such a gift to us all, especially the ones who lived further away and didn't have a chance to see and talk to her as much.  She also had kind words for all of her friends and told them to enjoy the party afterwards--which she insisted would have a full meal for everyone who showed up.  My Mom was a character--and much loved in the community.  It was as if she were in the church with us.  She had everyone in tears.