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my fave holiday recipe

Been a few of those--Jam jams==sandwich cookies with raspberry jam--kinda like empire cookies w/o icing short breads dipped in chocolate.

Christmas morning wife saver--great for family get togethers. pretty much like a monte cristo sandwich casserole.

My party meat balls--a definite must at all family party get togethers and or potlucks.

 Crock pot Meatballs

I pkg. store brand meatballs—Swedish or Italian—approx 96

1 bottle compliments 3 peppercorn and brandy BBQ sauce

1 bottle Diana sauce –original or spicy—depends on gastronomical sensitivity.

1 10oz can of pineapple chunks, With Juice or buy the rings and do the work.

1 tbsp more or less of curry powder –again ask yourself how brave you are.

Substitutes or variations Bottle of salsa, orange ginger dipping sauce


Brown meatballs in 400F oven 15 minutes turning once

Place meatballs in crock pot and add the other ingredients

Cook for 3-5 hrs 

Serve with Rice or noodles

This recipe can be doubled or tripled


Karen Vaughan