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Lake Worth, FL
Aug 2008

Karen is a self-described "Accidental Seeker" who stumbled upon a non-conformist journey of self discovery, spiritual awakening and personal growth after years of living the stereotypical American dream. A writer, entrepreneur, mother and avid international traveler, she draws on the rich and often overlooked experiences of daily life to illuminate opportunities for awakening and share insightful takes on life and spirituality. She writes about these and more on her blog The Accidental Seeker.

The Accidental Seeker explores the universal truths of our personal journeys and offers guidance, community and insight for those who are intentionally or unintentionally navigating the path of spiritual exploration, personal growth and conscious living.

Karen’s writing explores challenge, human evolution, happiness and purpose through both her individual journey and the macro-trends she recognizes in the world. She is passionate about inspiring conscious evolution in small, personal ways and revels in helping people embrace transformation through the present moment – especially the mundane, haphazard, and chaotic “now” of everyday life.

Karen is a regular contributor to Elephant Journal and has been a Huffington Post blogger since 2008.  Her writing has appeared there and on Divine Caroline as well as in various blogs and print publications since 2006.

 Karen is also a University of Michigan alumnus with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication. She lives in Palm Beach County, Florida where she indulges her love of all things Latin including dance, food, literature, and her husband (a native of Mexico).  When she’s not writing, meditation, teaching yoga or flying through a samba or salsa in Zumba, you’ll find Karen soaking up the south Florida sun and surf or off and running again on one of her many international journeys.

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