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Yes, I am married
Mar 2012

I am a writer and artist of Dreams, my business name is Earthdreams. I teach Dream healing work, holding Dream Circles and do individual work with a clients dreams.  Always teaching the owner of the dream that the dream belongs to them and their take on how to use the dream in waking reality belongs to them. 

The book I have just completed is about dream healing work, set in both ancient and contemporary scenes.  Written from the perspective of an apprentice learning from the master Dream Healing Teachers.

Now is the time for me to spread the news of my book, find an agent and have this published!


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Art, galleries, museums. My husband and I have an apartment in Paris, France and travel there often. This has become a good place for inspiration for me in my writing and painting work which of course enhances my dreaming and 'Dream-Healing' work.