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“How come you don’t write postcards like your friends?” I sat near the foot of  Scalla di Spangna, or Spanish Steps, catching my breath after having climbed up and down the 138 steps to the Trinita dei Monti at the top.  Around me a gaggle of college women on a school-sponsored trip dutifully...
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I’ve never liked the concept of favorites. Among my siblings, being called The Favorite – Mom’s or Dad’s – was rarely spat at another sibling as compliment. When we were children to be called Favorite meant you got something you hadn’t earned, that you were simpering , and just a little too good....
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                    Excerpts from Saint Mary’s Academy                    Fioretti ‘49                                                    I.                    We bid farewell in momento                    mori to the lively                    alligator (not so lively                    anymore)...
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The following was overheard outside the hotel hosting the recent AWP conference: Anonymous Chicagoan 1:  What are all these people here for? Anonymous Chicagoan 2:  It's some writer's convention. Anonymous Chicagoan 1:  Writers?  Are they all wearing berets?
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This site came along at a timely moment.  When my publishers told me they’d created this site for me, I’d already been thinking a lot about the public image of the writer because of a seminar I taught on literary images of the writer.  On the first day of class I brought in a coffee-table, photo...
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Welcome to my Red Room page, and thanks for your interest in my work.  I'm writing a new novel right now, so come back to see updates on how it's progressing.  k
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