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Michigan authors weigh in with books involving frozen environs
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Ray Walsh
Lansing State Journal

“Freezing Point” by former Detroit native Karen Dionne, (Jove, $7.99) is a contemporary eco-thriller that’s set mostly in the Antarctic. It uses a futuristic premise based on creating an abundance of clean drinking water by melting and delivering Antarctic ice. There are many conflicts between an environmentalist scientist, eco-terrorists and a greedy corporate boss; researchers and possibly mankind may face a grisly fate. Vivid scenes with worried, dedicated researchers help carry the convoluted plot, which delves into potential ways of dealing with water shortage problems. While the characters are not nearly as well developed as Gruley’s, they’re still quite believable. Dionne, who currently lives in Detroit’s northern suburbs, has created a thought-provoking tale with unusual aspects of horror; it could easily be converted into a spellbinding movie. Dionne will be at the Romeo District Library on April 18. For more information visit the Romeo Library website by clicking here. And drop into Dionne’s website: www.karendionne.net.

Michigan authors weigh in with books involving frozen environs