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My third article on the economics of book publishing written for AOL's website, Daily Finance, is now live. Here's a sample: Analysts estimate that hundreds of thousands of e-readers were given as gifts this holiday season, spurring a massive explosion in the number of e-books that will likely be...
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Two years ago, e-books constituted 1% of total book sales, a figure that's now closer to 10%. As electronic media accounts for a larger and larger portion of the book business, consumers are benefiting from lower prices for books, and manufacturers are enjoying massive sales. But how is the e-book...
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I love action. Not in real life. In real life, I’m a writer, which means I spend 90% of my day sitting in front of my computer. Oh, once in a while I get up, stretch a little, put on my shoes, and walk out to the mailbox to see if the mailman happened to drop off a royalty check. Or I head into the...
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Audiobooks are flourishing, yet most authors agree the proportion of audio sales to print is very small. So what's the advantage to an author to have their books in audio?  "For me, audiobooks serve as teasers, or introductions to the series," explains Lee Child, #1 New York Times ...
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Next time you're wandering around the bookstore, be sure to head over to the writer's reference section and check out the beautiful four-page spread that just happens to be my essay about my road to publication in the just-released "2011 Guide to Literary Agents"! From the book...
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Backspace is the online writer's organization I co-founded 5 years ago. Check out this sneak preview from the October Writer's Digest Magazine. What a fabulous two-page spread!   Be sure to pick up a copy when the magazine hits the newsstands next week! You can also read the full interview...
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There's some talk here and there on the Web about Michael Crichton's two posthumous novels, and whether or not their publication is what he would have wanted. That got me thinking about what might happen to my intellectual property after I pass away, and the terrific gift that author Neil Gaiman...
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According to a survey commissioned last spring by Random House Inc., 28 percent of Americans purchase between 11 and 20 books every year. The figure is slightly higher for Canadians: roughly one-third (34%) report buying themselves at least one book per month. 36% of non-reading Canadians said they...
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As co-founder of Backspace, an Internet-based writers organization with hundreds of members in a dozen countries, I knew only a handful of friends would be able to attend my book launch no matter where it was held. So I decided to recreate the traditional launch party experience on the Web....
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What a fabulous innovation, and just in time for me to plan a few drop-in signings on my travels from Detroit to Boston and back next month! I did a preliminary search by plugging in "Pennsylvania," and this looks great - a huge list of bookstores and their locations and contact info...
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Authors post them on their websites. They upload them to Google Video and YouTube. If they’re particularly savvy, they search out display sites like Book Screening and Preview the Book.  Even websites that aren’t primarily intended to showcase trailers like the Backspace homepages have a section...
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“Writers Helping Writers” is the unofficial slogan of the Internet-based writers organization I co-founded four years ago called Backspace. It’s a good tagline, because Backspace members are an extraordinarily supportive group. Besides answering questions at the discussion forums, they turn each...
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-- or until the supply runs out.  Details at The FREEZING POINT Pre-Publication World Book Tour.  Enjoy!
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A few months before the release of my debut thriller, FREEZING POINT, I decided I was going to use the Internet to promote my novel as much as possible. From talking to other writers, I knew there were plenty of promotional opportunities available - blog tours, online book clubs, book review sites...
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"We keep hearing this phrase, 'What's the platform?' . . . Well, what it is is this: What does the author bring to the table? Talent is not enough. The number of slots open to fiction on a publisher's list is being reduced all the time." -- Literary agent Nat Sobel, quoted in Poets and...
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