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The Backspace Book Promotion Network

A few months before the release of my debut thriller, FREEZING POINT, I decided I was going to use the Internet to promote my novel as much as possible.

From talking to other writers, I knew there were plenty of promotional opportunities available - blog tours, online book clubs, book review sites, video sharing, and social network sites where people who might be interested in the topic of my book gathered.

I heard words like "Authorbuzz" and "LibraryThing" and "Shelfari," but didn't know what they meant, or how these sites and services could help promote my book.

And while I had an author page at MySpace, I wasn't sure how to make the most of it.

I looked for a resource that would explain it all; that had all of the Internet promotional opportunities listed in one place - a central database where everything could be accessed without wasting precious writing and promotional hours googling.

And when I couldn't find one, my Backspace partner, Christopher Graham, and I decided to make our own.

What is The Backspace Book Promotion Network?

The Backspace Book Promotion Network is a searchable database of thousands of listings of Internet book promotion opportunities. Current, comprehensive information - an extensive collection of everything related to Internet book promotion that we could find on the Web. Most of the listings are free, while some, such as newsletter advertising and press release services, are available to authors for a small cost.

But The Backspace Book Promotion Network is more than a vast collection of links. Our Articles section tells you how to USE these promotional opportunities to best advantage. The articles are written by the people who know: website designers, publicists, best-selling authors.

Publishers have a finite amount to spend on marketing, and the bulk of their promotional dollars go to best-selling authors. Literary agencies hire full-time publicists to take up the slack. Authors with small presses and self-published authors are at an even bigger disadvantage.

Smart authors are figuring out new and innovative ways to promote their books using the Internet. The Backspace Book Promotion Network can help.  $30 for six months; $50 for one year.

Not much more than the price of a good book.