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Salt Cay Writers Retreat update


I've mentioned the Salt Cay Writers Retreat I'm organizing for October in the Bahamas here before - we've been busy over the past several weeks, and there are a number of items I wanted to share.

After making a site visit to Salt Cay in April with my agent, who is helping to shape the retreat program, we now have a detailed program schedule on the website: http://saltcaywritersretreat.com/program/

I've also posted pictures from our trip, including several of my agent and me swimming with dolphins. (Never thought in a million years I'd post a picture on the Internet of myself in a swimsuit, but these pics are too much fun not to share!) http://saltcaywritersretreat.com/april-site-visit-2/

While the Salt Cay Writers Retreat curriculum is particularly suited for advanced literary and upmarket commercial fiction writers, memorists and narrative non-fiction writers, any author (published or not-yet-published) who wants to take their writing to the next level is welcome to apply.

The faculty is outstanding, including 2 #1 New York Times bestselling authors, and 3 top editors (Chuck Adams from Algonquin, who's responsible for WATER FOR ELEPHANTS, Amy Einhorn, who brought us THE HELP, and Kate Miciak, who's edited Lee Child among many others).

Speaking of faculty, many of our Salt Cay faculty and friends are offering items for Brenda Novak's charity auction to benefit diabetes research during the month of May, including manuscript critiques, a cocktail party for 4 at Folio Literary Management's New York City office, homemade salsa and jam from Jacquelyn Mitchard, and even a full scholarship to the retreat! tinyurl.com/cxsrhqh

And finally, I wanted to let folks know that the Salt Cay Writers Retreat blog, "Open Mike Night," is open to anyone who'd like to share. Whether you’re registered for the retreat or not, you can send your articles, essays, short stories, and opinion pieces to me at karendionne@bksp.org, and step up to the mike!

If anyone has questions, feel free to email me, and thanks!