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One Time Too Many


Geez Justin B., you are a big fibberpants, you say "I"m gonna tell you one time" but you tell us one time too many about your one girl.  Does your mother know you are not in school?  That is so sweet of you to profess that one girl is your whole world--how many gals have you dated so far.  Just curious, Justin.  When I was  nine or twelve years old, I had scads of crushes too,  but none of them lasted long enough to claim "that I love you, I love you" such as you have in your video.  Such an amazing feat, being in love at your age--which is?  And I am confident that whatever money you earn will not change you or compromise you integrity.  After all you are offering this one little lady your "last dime."  That is so darn sweet.  Have you always been generous with your allowance? 

Fame on you Justin B, I mean bro--is it okay if I refer to you as bro?  You have what it takes to be in the limelight--but then again so did the Partridge Family.  Not that I am comparing you--you are way cooler.  Do you have a fashion designer dressing you--or did you choose those outfits all on your own.  How does you mother feel about not having to shop for you anymore?  I am wondering as well--do you cook?  Is your one love a foodie or does she have to watch what she eats--you know so that she can remain fit enough to be your one love.

How do you feel about all of this attention Justin B?  Dude, is it okay if I call ya dude?  Are you going to be another prolific song writer that changes the world, one verse at a time?  You know like Bob Dylan or Marvin Gaye?  Well, don't worry once your voice drops a smidgen folks will take you more seriously.  

My only advice to you Justin--is stop with the one time thang--you know you're gonna break that poor girls heart!