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Over the phone she tells me about the news that the top part of her ear will be unceremoniously removed to slice out the cancer trying so hard to hide itself there. “I told the doctor that I’m through with less aggressive measures. Just cut the ear, I said.” Conviction. “Will they do reconstructive...
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I overhear two Russian ladies chatting it up in the nearby aisle of lockers. As a disciple of the Russian language I am instantly pleased. I possess a not-so-secret wish that my family will someday spend summers strolling the marbled rooms of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. I declare Russian to be...
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We found the journals in a decrepit old building in central Nebraska. From the side of the road we’d seen a crumbling structure near a hackberry tree that clung to a rusted out silo. It seemed like a good place for lunch on a hot summer day. We’d been traveling on bikes across this windswept...
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