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Short Story
Mobius Magazine
My new story, The Reluctant Revolutionary, has been published at Mobius Magazine. It is the "planes, trains and automobiles" adventures of an Iranian student trying to get from Purdue University to visit his girlfriend in Milwaukee, during the American Embassy Hostage Crisis of 1979. Funny and frightening, it speaks of the meaning of courage and unsung...
Short Story
The Adirondack Review Winter 2010
Letters from Purgatory is based on the true life experiences of California death row inmate Maureen “Miki” McDermott, a series of fantastical letters that are written to her while on death row, and Casey Cohen, the private investigator who believes in her innocence and tries to save her life. In 1995, I founded InsideOUT Writers, a creative writing program for...
Short Story
Terracotta Typewriter Literary Magazine
O n that fateful day, I sat where I always did on my lunch break, on a bench in the mall that offered me a perfect view of the poster. It was for “Moon Wars,” a sci fi movie. I was obsessed with the lead actor in the movie, Phillip Chow. Chow is the greatest Chinese action hero ever. His martial arts moves are off the hook, and I know a little bit about moves…...
Short Story
Damascus Magazine
Egypt, Allah & the NubianExcerpt from INTO THE WORLD: A Young Girl’s Journey of Faith & Adventure Karen Hunt Flirting with death. That’s what my family did as Ugly American’s traveling the world in the 1960’s only we didn’t know we were Ugly. My dad was a Christian writer, gathering inspiration for his books, and we thought we were beautiful and good and...
Short Story
Perfect 8 Magazine
THE DAY I LOST MY SKIN BY KAREN HUNT     My bed is in the corner, the best place to be. I like to lie with my back against the wall cuz then I can imagine going through it. On the other side is a street just waiting for me to walk down it. Well, that street’s gonna wait and wait while I lie against the wall and dream. Estoy bien feliz… So, if I close my...
Burnside Writers Collective
Drugging Our Children To DeathKaren Hunt   “Labeling a child, ‘mentally ill,’ is like hanging a sign around his or her neck saying, ‘GARBAGE: Take It Away.’” Thomas S. Szasz, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry. Along the smoke-free lanes and carefree byways of Calabasas and far acrossAmerican suburbia, a river of drugs is flowing, and I am not talking illegal...