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Karen gives an overview of the book:

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Down the tunnel a great, dark shadow moved on the wall, looming larger and larger. Sera tried to scream, to warn her dad but no sound came out. And then, just as her dad gave an exclamation of satisfaction, having seemingly found what he was looking for at last, the creature lunged forward and pushed him. He fell without a sound, not even one scream—and this somehow was the most frightening thing of all, that her dad made no protest, just passively gave in without a fight—hurtling head first, forever down, as if to the center of the earth.

Sera wanted badly to leave that terrible place but a power held her as if in chains—the power of the creature, turning its attention to her. Then, out of the darkness it appeared, only it wasn’t a hideous monster as she had thought…. It was a man, a man with very white skin stretched across bony cheeks and white spiky hair atop his head and eyes burning blue. Those eyes locked onto Sera and slowly

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About Karen

Karen Hunt, a native of California, is the co-founder of InsideOUT Writers, a nationally acclaimed creative writing program for incarcerated youth in Los Angeles. Karen has traveled all over the world as a child and adult and has lived in England, Slovenia, Switzerland and...

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Author's Publishing Notes

BookI: Falling and Book II: Turning, will be published soon