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K.M. Soehnlein's Books

In his award-winning bestseller THE WORLD OF NORMAL BOYS, K.M. Soehnlein introduced readers to the unforgettable teenager Robin MacKenzie, a child of the disco ’70s. In ROBIN AND RUBY, he revisits Robin at twenty, in the middle of the turbulent 1980s, caught between his dreams of being a stage actor and the nightmare of negotiating relationships in an era when sex and death are...
You Can Say You Knew Me When
Charming underachiever Jamie Garner is living a slacker's life in San Francisco during the dot-com boom--avoiding his stalled career as a radio producer, barely holding on to his relationship with his boyfriend, but surrounded by fun-loving friends. And then Jamie gets the call he's always dreaded: Teddy, the father who never accepted him, has died. It's time for the prodigal son...
The time is the late 1970s--an age of gas shortages, head shops and "Saturday Night Fever." The place, suburban New Jersey. At a time when the teenagers around him are coming of age, Robin MacKenzie is coming undone. While "normal boys" are into cars, sports and bullying their classmates, Robin enjoys day trips to New York City with his elegant mother, spinning...