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The Writer Magazine
Hey, Shortie! Understanding the challenges and opportunities in the short fiction market may help make your stories the hit singles of the literary world.  Article includes advice from respected editors, writers and writing instructors.  
Book Marketing Magazine
Who are you? What do you do? What do you write? Why should I care? And, if I care, how can I read more of your writing? When you compose your bio line-- aka personal elevator pitch-- you need to understand that it can be one of your most powerful, persuasive marketing assets.
Short Story
Om Times magazine
BY KAREN M. RIDER Synopsis:  A stranger on the street. The afternoon sky teeming with prismatic beings awaiting the protaganist…She embarks on a visionary journey through memories, dreams, reflections and realizes the  potential that has always lived within her. Author's Note:  An interpreation of the metaphysical symbolism in this story, plus one...