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Writer- Got Discipline?

What does it take for any writer to realize her dream–be it finishing the first story or the hundreth, publishing a novel or building a freelance portfolio?

The common denominator in any response is often one word: Discipline.

So it surprised more than a few people (judging by the emails I’ve received) when I made a comment in an interview about not being the most disciplined of writers. One lovely person who signed her email “your fan, Jan” wrote:

“Karen, after listening to you speak about recent successes, writing tips and lessons learned, I was dumbstruck when you told the interviewer you’re not the most disciplined of writers! Surely you must be. So, how do you define discipline for a writer?”

competitive swimmer

Do you bring the discipline of an athlete to your writing? Do you need to ? 

Having been an athlete, I think of discipline as very structured, unforgiving and boring! It conjures memories of diving into a chilly pool at 5 am to swim laps for an hour before school. Then, after a full day in school, back to the pool for another two hours of practice, five days a week with so-called optional training on Saturdays! Discipline is tiring. Discipline is physically (or mentally) taxing. And, discipline as I know it, is definitely not fun! Why would I want my writing life to involve any of that?

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