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Helsinki-I've broken 2 of the 3 rules a friend requested I follow when he handed me the keys to his apartment and went off to London. #1 Don is not allowed in the kitchen or bathroom #2 The twins are not allowed in the same room Within a few days Don had been in both the kitchen and the bathroom...
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Functionalism. Helsinki, Finland.
Helsinki-I was shirtless wearing a bulletproof vest and flannel pants at a party a few weeks ago here in Helsinki and was asked by a Finn what it was that I liked so much about Finland. "The functionalism," I replied. Things work here in Finland. You can get around and find what you are...
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Helsinki-Two days ago I got rejected by the Russians. It felt like an incredibly personal thing, to be denied entry to their country. My visa application had been sent to the consulate in Turkuu, Finland, a tiny place where I'd thought they wouldn't pay too close attention, but it hadn't mattered...
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