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Elyria, OH
Jul 2010

I am a learner of life’s wisdom. Usually - well all the time - I am thinking outside the box. Everything in life has meaning to me. With that said, I am a father of three and a husband - something I am still learning how to be. Currently, I am studying English Lit. at the University of Phoenix. In addition, I am a published Author/Poet who is determine to become the best of the best. However, becoming the best write in history is not my main focus. My main focus is to entertain, inspire, and motivate at least one soul in my life. As a person, I am who I am and will not apologize for it. I love to have fun and say the most wildest things - all for fun. Nevertheless, to really get to know me you must read my writing. For it is through my writing that I share my true-self.


Edgar A. Poe, Mark Twain, Maya Angelou,

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Conversations with Poets, Make Me a Promise, Married to the Game

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Basketball, Baseball, Movies, Music, Building Car Models