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Married to Dr. S.K.Nandy. Mother to a beautiful daughter.
Dec 2009
  • Published Poet with national and international print and online literary journals such as: * Taj Mahal Review, India (Dec'08); Print Journal* Sein Und Werden, UK, (Winter'08), * Featured poet of Poetry Super Highway, USA (Nov'08), Two Poems.* The Malaysian Poetic Chronicles, Malaysia (Jan'09)* Kota Press, USA (Mar'09).* Up the Staircase Lit Review, USA (Spring'09).* Gloom Cupboard, USA ( Issue# 94).* Decanto Magazine, UK (June'09), Print Journal.* Taj Mahal Review, India (June'09), Print Journal.* Sein Und Werden, UK (Summer'09).* Clockwise Cat, USA (Issue#14).* Heavy Bear, USA (Sept'09), Three Poems.* Featured Poet of Up the Staircase Lit.Review, USA (Fall'09), Six Poems.* A book of poetry Earth's Tilted Spine by Cyberwit.net, Allahbad, Jan'09, Print Anthology.* Clockwise Cat, USA (Issue#16).* Sein Und Werden, UK, (Winter 2009).* Kritya-A Journal of Poetry, India, (January 2010).

    * Femina, Frontier and host of corporate journals.

              *Third Prize winner in the Poetry contest 2009 with Prakriti, Chennai.


  • Novelist in the making.
  • Ghazal singer.
  • Reviewer of literary works, films, theatres & music.
  • Author of a poetry book titled: Earth's Tilted Spine.

Upcoming Works

60,000+ word approx.work of fiction.

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