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"Obama's first 100 days."

Seems we've been hearing this phrase for a long, long time. So I searched the Los Angeles Times archives for the exact phrase. The earliest usage I found was on January 20.

So we've been talking about Obama's first 100 days for 99 days now.

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I recently returned from

I recently returned from Paris. Even the Europeans were writing about Obama's first 100 days.

Sometimes I think the 24-hour news cycle and the need to feed it has had some very negative repercussions.

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Ah, Paris!

I'm jealous.

Re the first 100 days: I'm starting to get very curious about what will be seen as Obama's legacy. There's been so much focus on 1. race, 2. the cult of personality, and 3. the extraordinary times that it's overshadowing how AMAZINGLY effective he's been so far. A very bold, no-apologies (and no apologies for being smart) style that somehow still keeps 'em smilin' ('em, of course, meaning everyone but fans of Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh).

The first-100-days talk -- all the talk about Obama -- fails to nail it: what he is, what he's done, what he's doing, and how brilliantly he's doing it.

I was always fascinated by how people, media included, seemed to "handicap" Bush for his lack of intelligence. Like if he could spell potato correctly, it would be worthy of praise. The opposite seems to be happening with Obama. Either we've adjusted our expectations to his obvious brilliance or we're just too uptight to include in our public/political discourse talk about raw intelligence.