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This was in my e-mail in-box today:

"Dear Subscriber,

Coming soon, you can expect a little more out of your Los Angeles Times subscription. That's because in addition to the award-winning content you already get, you'll receive our exclusive monthly newsletter, "Above the Fold," in your email.

Each month you'll receive premium articles, reviews and exclusive sneak peaks of upcoming features. And look for exclusive perks in each issue designed especially for you."

Yup. They wrote "sneak peaks."

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On those rare occasions when

On those rare occasions when Mt. McKinley makes a brief appearance above its self-generated clouds, we get a sneak peak. :)


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oh, dear

This is what happens when marketing overtakes journalism.

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Eric: Exactly!

Jodi: Exactly!

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Seems as though you'll be

Seems as though you'll be getting mountains of added value, June.