where the writers are
it's been too long and it's neither briefs nor boxers

i don't have anything important to speak about or spell out

into this improvisational paragraph, but i recently ogt that

is got my site renamed and i feel excellent about that...

 domain name, red room is cool. i wonder how many 

others think of the shinin' when they hear those two

words woven together... pictures in a book...

basically, it's been too long and i sort of wanted to

check in and say hi howdy hello and perhaps also

let it be known that inkrealm.blogspot.com is now

www.inkrealm.info and i hope you too get a domain

name that pleases that electronic part of you...

many thanks to this site and if you have a moment

please join my club, it's free and makes an important

statement to protect our rights before the submission

process becomes as tangled as the screenwriting world's

pay to play system.   imagine having to put down twenty

or forty dollars for a contest... Perhaps, we should all

get together nad i mean and set one up for the loot.

i tell you it's too much, i'd rather spend the money

on underwear.