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from jeanie's diary.  it was on a site called ink pop which later merged into figment.  the novel is not finished however it is a scream. here's the link http://figment.com/books/254724-STOLEn-FROm-JEANIE-s-DIARy
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He got home and nearly drank a mosquito which had somehow gotten into his drinking glass. He thought of how life was indeed more interesting than fiction.  He ate his food feeling the vibrations from work still. He slept for a while and when he awoke he wrote a few e-mails. There was no other...
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i don't have anything important to speak about or spell out into this improvisational paragraph, but i recently ogt that is got my site renamed and i feel excellent about that...  domain name, red room is cool. i wonder how many  others think of the shinin' when they hear those two words woven...
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I always was reluctant to visit the sick or the dying and probably superstitious about saying goodbye. There's a really good line from a Dylan song that says it's too good a word and so the persona bids fare well. The  other day I started visiting a friend. She is at a home for the aged. I...
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Composition compulsion...I oppose obsession, although not the perfume. That might simply be due to Kate Moss. Do I have or hold a fixation? According to the definition, perhaps cigarettes. Still, smoking ain't such a danger to society. Not in contrast to violence, natural disasters, and casual...
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