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Sometimes we need a place that we can escape to a place that will give us a moment to daydream or to remember where you want to be or see yourself. The place I escape to is not easy for me to find when I want too. In fact, it's usually a chore to escape-- if I do; I watch my time carefully so I'm not really escaping...more like escaping on someone else’s time.

If there is one place I could describe, where I love being and could be so involved that I am afraid to close my eyes I would never leave. This place is where I see future tea parties and people laughing and forgetting their hectic schedules at the doors. Sinatra or Nat King Cole playing in the background with "twinkle lights" hanging from every tree. Hearing the clanking of the wine glasses as people gladden their hearts with the joy of sharing with one another about their day. Hearing the water from the above water fountain and swinging from the porch swing watching this beautiful evening unfold in front of me.

At first you don't find yourself wanting to sit down for fear that you will not get up and it has happened many times with me. But it's hard to resist a place that holds so many "new beginning" memories that give me so much happiness in my heart. The joy that comes and radiates across my face is worth any time that I can spare to get there for my moment.

Why is it hard for us to let ourselves escape more often? I believe we think we are going to miss out on "something", but what is something that couldn't wait until later. Is our selfishness of rushing around and getting things taken care of so important that we can't stop and "smell the roses"?

I don't want to keep on the fast track of life and not stop to admire a tree, or a sunset or even a screaming baby in the park. I don't want to find myself forgetting how I got from one place to another because my mind slipped for a brief moment to escape the vacancy in my life.

So I will take advantage of the time that I can go to my escape and bask in the air and hear the water and watch the birds fly around. I will give myself a moment of peace so I may collect who I am and find out who I was before the "business" of life got in my way of being me.