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Jan 2012

Julie O’Yang is a novelist and visual artist based in The Netherlands. Born and brought up in China, she came to Europe in 1990s to study at the University of London. Then she read Japanese Language and Culture at the University of Leiden, Holland, and Tokyo/Nagasaki, Japan. Her short stories, poetry and articles have appeared in magazines and newspapers worldwide.

Her latest novel BUTTERFLY is available both on Amazon Kindle and in print. Visit www.julieoyang.com for more.



J L Borges, Cao Xueqin, T S Eliot, Chaucer, Natsume Soseki, Raymond Chandler, Chinese language literature until 1930's, Japanese literature, and Julie O'Yang and many more.

Upcoming Works

China Noir, a spy novel set in WWII and the 10th century China.

Black Hair, A novel by Julie O'Yang

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