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Atlanta, Georgia
Mar 2012

I am a writer, editor, music-lover and pop culture fanatic. I love murder stories, good architecture, and photography. I like to write about these topics and anything else that perks my interest.
I'm a native Southerner, descended from an old Knoxville family on my father's side and a Lithonia/Conyers farming family on my mother's side. I grew up all over the south, living in Alabama, Georgia, Texas and Florida, finally settling down in Atlanta, Georgia.
I also spent a year and a half in Paris, France, getting a master's degree and working for Michelle Lapautre Literary Agency. It was a fabulous educational experience, both on a personal level and from an academic standpoint.
I have a PhD in French from Emory University in Atlanta and have taught French for six years, both as a graduate student and a professor. I am currently on the job market, hoping to find a full-time teaching gig starting this fall.
I am working on several writing projects right now: a young adult mystery novel, an article on Edgar Allan Poe, and a piece on the murder committed by the Papin Sisters in the 1920s in LeMans, France.
I have two teenagers who are the loves of my life. We also have a Tortoiseshell cat named Claudine and a pup named Jazz.

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