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Julie Anne Long on Deadline Preparedness (sweaty, half-dressed men and Jack Daniels *might* be involved)
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In which Julie Anne Long explains that even though deadlines are a fact of life the moment you sell a book—theyr'e even written into our contracts!—they still somehow come as a horrible surprise every time (ahem). In the interest of preserving the sanity of authors everywhere, Julie has philanthropically decided to share a few of the things she keeps in her Deadline Preparedness kit. Watch and learn. And on Monday, April 21st, stop by Julie's Red Room blog to share the contents of your OWN Deadline Preparedness Kit in the comments! Doubtless we'll get some entertaining responses. Julie's inviting several thousand of her readers to stop by her Blog for a Blog Party that day, and she'll be giving away a signed book. Her readers would LOVE to meet you via the comments. :)

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Julie, I was waiting for a

Julie, I was waiting for a male model to pop out of your box!!!!

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Danielle!! LOL. Sorry to

Danielle!! LOL. Sorry to disappoint you!! I wanted that, too, but he wasn't in the budget. :) I had to settle for mentioning him. LOL. Go check out the blog here to comment and enter the contest! :) Hope you're doing great!

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Video and Books...

Hi Julie,

 I really enjoyed your video, and love your books! Also, looking forward to your new Pennyroyal Green series. And we share a fascination with Gerard Butler....what a man!!! lol  Good luck with all your future books, videos and zany blogs. Thanks for tons of great reading!


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Deadline Preparedness Kit

Love the video! My deadline preparedness kit is my treadmill. The only thing I will let myself do instead of working is working out (which I hate!) I have to be really desperate for a break to want to get on the treadmill instead of working.

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Hey Twin! Ah, yes!! I forgot

Hey Twin! Ah, yes!! I forgot to mention my mini-trampoline -- which I use to burn off angst during deadlines. :) I run on it while I watch cartoons or listen to an invigorating running mix, like AC/DC and Beck, etc. LOL. I take a lot of showers and baths during deadlines, too -- water kind of re-sets me and clears my head.

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JulieAnneLong Video

Great video!  Love all the items in your preparedness box, especially the cozy, fluffy, pink bathrobe that very closely resembles the one I wear. 


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Alas, I guess I can not view the video here at work... Shame Shame on this bad computer. I hope you have a great day, and I will check back time to time today to read the blogs.

Hugs to all

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My Deadline Preparedness Kit

I love your kit, Julie. Mine consists of the requisite cat (a Chartreux) for purring to help calm the inevitable migraine. Lots of caffeine (Coffee. The real stuff.), jeans and a sweater, sweatshirt or tee shirt depending upon the season, just in case I have to sign for an express delivery. Two computers so I can use the laptop for a "change of scenery" and work in another room when I get tired of my office walls. Chocolate. Definitely chocolate (Isn't that a food group?). Background music. The sound of a friend's voice on the phone assuring me that I will make my deadline. And the thought that the rest of my advance will arrive on delivery and acceptance of the manuscript. ;-)


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Clever video...interesting items in that box...that bottle of Jack Daniels looked quite empty to me...hmmm!   Love the fuzzy pink robe also...looks a lot like mine.

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How did your get all those things in that tiny box....

What a great video. I loved it, while watching I was reminded of all those horrible college deadlines. You know the sort, it's 8pm the night before all your assignments are due and you are still writing. I thought that would change once I became an adult and got a real job. Nope, still more deadlines. We are a deadlined obsessed society.

p.s. You obviously have a treasure of a best friend, to wait so patiently in the box. :)

Thomas Dotson. Red Room Staff

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LOL, Thomas! Everyone keeps

LOL, Thomas! Everyone keeps asking me where I can find a magic, bottomless box like that one!! I think you can find 'em at Overstock.com or Ebay. Hee! I know, everyone should have such a dedicated friend. Fortunately, my friends have a lot to keep them occupied in that box. LOL.

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Julie Anne Long on Deadline Preparedness (sweaty, half-dressed m

Julie Anne, I love your stories.  I loved the video.  The pink fluffy bathrobe was nice, very comfy looking.  But, where were the sweaty, half-dressed men?  I kept waiting for one to come out of the box.  LOL

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Great Job

The video was great.  I like the idea of a bottomless box, never enough storage room.  Always have to have the big fluffy robe, nothing better for deadlines or comfort.   I loved The Perils of Pleasure, I adored Colin and Madeleine.  I can not wait until your next book.  I have read all of your books and enjoy them very much, keep up the great work.  Thank you for giving me so many pleasurable hours of reading.

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OMG!!! You NAILED it (the deadline angst) right down to the...

Kitty litter-ati! You might also notice that while coffee stains on manuscripts can add that certain extra LIFT to your editor's day, it's the Pollock-esque nuance of a cat's hairball that really does the trick.

Thanks for the invite and the peek. I would have come by earlier but ...yep...one of them-thar pesky deadlines reared its ugly heads.

amy *petting cat and praying for calm*

Amy D. Shojai, CABC Certified Animal Behavior Consultant http://www.shojai.com


Author, 22 nonfiction pet care books