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The POP til you Drop Blog Party and Movie Premiere! (It's an all-week affair, kids!)

Well, at last It's Friday, my blossoms, and from the looks of things around this place—everyone draped over the big comfy chairs (or over the hot, comfy waiters ;) ), shoes off, cool, lavender scented cloths draped over eyes—you have all POPped until you've dropped, and I can assure you, I have done likewise. I had a wonderful time at the disco and concert and karaoke bar last night, and I loved seeing all of you in those places. It was especially entertaining when Kathy K. danced on the tables in the Karaoke bar. ;)  When you're all able to move again, there's steaming hot coffee and tea and iced coffee drinks and tea to revive you as well as, of course, the fresh-squeezed juice and smoothie bar. The fruit bouquets have also been replenished and there are dainty yet gooey pastries and heartier fare, too (the omelette bar, naturally) for those of you who awake starving when you have cyber hangovers. The cocktail of the day is called THE PERILS OF PLEASURE, and though the ingredients are a secret, I can tell you that it's green, delicious, and every time you take a sip you instantly feel the way your favorite happy memory makes you feel. :)

But alas, the fact that it's Friday means that this party, much like Brigadoon, must now fade into a misty water-colored memory, only to rem-emerge, oh, around November or so when LIKE NO OTHER LOVER, the book after POP and the next one in the Pennyroyal Green series, is released. Hee!  I had a wonderful, fabulous time, and I can't thank you enough for coming! And if you're not on my  mailing list, visit my website to sign up for my newsletter, so you'll be among the first to receive party invitations in the future. And now, please spend the day mingling, saying farewell to each other and your favorite very attractive psychic waiter, and remember that the fluffy robes up in your suites are free and you can take them home with you.  You'll find them magically monogrammed with your initials when you return to your suite. We must also give big cyber hugs and congratulations to our Thursday book winner (she wins a copy of THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION) and our GRAND PRIZE winners! Drum roll, please (thanks Ringo....very nice...he's doing the drum roll, as he came with Paul to the gig last night...)

1. MONDAY WINNER: LilyBiscuit!! Send me an email darling (put "Monday blog winner" in the subject line so I can find you easily!) and I'll pack your book up to send to you!
2. TUESDAY WINNER: Guysrose! from Sunny Florida! Send me a note with your address, sweets! Yay for GuysRose!! Hop onto the blog and take a bow!
3. WEDNESDAY WINNER: limecello and karlew! blow kisses to the crowd Lime and Kar! everyone give them cyber hugs!! send me an email, chicklettes, with "Wednesday blog winner" in the subject line. ) BATS is the prize!
4. THURSDAY WINNER: ShariC wins a signed copy of the THE SECRET TO SEDUCTION!!
5. GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Foontou!! Wins the entire signed set of the Holt Sisters trilogy and those beautiful POP collection earrings!!!  

Congrats to all our wonderful winners!! If you're a winner and you haven't emailed me yet with your address, don't forget to do it! Make sure you put "Blog Prize winner" in your subject line!

A big HUG for all of you, cookies, and I hope you leave this party wearing a dreamy smile that will last well beyond the weekend. I'll be here today, so hang out as long as you'd like! xo....julie
Well, hello darlings! Welcome to my POP Til You Drop Party and Movie Premiere! Thanks so much for coming. I hope you’ve dressed appropriately for the occasion. LOL. Actually…well, perhaps I should have mentioned this in the invitation, but it’s a Come-As-You-Are party, so sweats, bathrobes, tiaras, suits (three-piece, bathing, scuba, etc.) and combinations thereof are all entirely appropriate. Comfort is king (and queen), today, though I wouldn’t mind at all if you flung on a boa (feather, not constrictor) or elbow-length gloves or something sparkly. (But do the flinging-on of things surreptitiously if you’re at work right now. I do not want to be blamed if you’re caught adjusting the fit of your boa in your cubicle.) Help yourself to some cyber Mimosas—my very good looking (but not as good looking as any of you) cyber wait staff will bring them or anything else you care to imbibe around (they’re psychic, did I mention? They’ll know just what you want)--and please feel free to heap your plate at the cyber chocolate bar (it’s never too early or too late for chocolate).  Check out that big block of bold down at the bottom for the contest rules and all the goodies I’m giving away.

So I’ve wanted to celebrate POP’s (The Perils of Pleasure, for the uninitiated) release (as well as its wonderful reception from readers and reviewers!!) and the launch of my Pennyroyal Green series with you guys for a while now, and it seemed like fun to do it at Red Room, as it’s an online community started in my San Francisco hometown and they saw fit to feature my goofy video on Deadline Preparedness on their homepage this weekPOP page at HarperCollins and tell me what you think!!

The Perils of Pleasure in many ways parallels my writing process: Colin and Madeleine race against their respective, very personal deadlines through a labyrinth of secrets linking the London underworld and aristocracy in order to prove Colin’s innocence, along the way encountering any number of surprises and great big questions and dead ends. Ironically, writing, for me, is often a race against deadline through a labyrinth in which I encounter surprises, occasional dead ends and loads of questions. Funny how that works! LOL. Then again, I’ve actually used myriad metaphors to describe my own writing process before. Such as...writing a book is often a bit like wandering through an intriguing museum without a map. You often don't know what you'll find around the next corner, and every corner has its appeal. Most writers, given the slightest encouragement, will happily bore you to tears with metaphors about the writing process. LOL. (Anything to procrastinate). 

In LIKE NO OTHER LOVER, (out in November), we’ll meet renowned explorer Miles Redmond and tarnished-but-not out belle Cynthia Brightly, touch on a few of the mysteries and relationships introduced in POP, and probably raise even more questions (and create some serious steam). Just to keep things maddening. LOL. And I promised a few readers (like Kathy K!) to share a few of the other things I keep in Deadline Preparedness kit that didn't make it into the video, so here goes:

1)      A hair elastic. Why? Because grooming – bathing, eyebrow plucking, hair brushing, and the like– robs you of precious seconds that could be used to refine your exquisite prose, and thus grooming goes straight to Hell during that deadline stretch.  During deadlines I lasso my hair, which is large and nearly sentient on a good day, into an elastic, thus creating what I call “The radish” – a great big brunette fountain of hair atop my head. And I like to think my eyebrows actually look forward to deadlines, because that’s the only time of year they’re allowed to actually meet.

I’m actually very sexy. No, honest.

2)      A ratty sweater. Every author should own and employ a ratty sweater during deadlines. Mine is a black cable-stitched hoodie (hoody?) with a zipper I’ve owned nearly since birth. It has a nice hole for ventilation near the hood (I can fit three fingers through it), and it's been washed so many times that when you hold it up to the light you can practically see through it. Why is a ratty sweater useful? Because in a ratty sweater, you’ll be dressed enough so that you won’t alarm the Chinese food delivery man when he brings food to your door (during deadlines, most sustenance arrives in little white boxes or large flat boxes carried to your front door by someone else) whereas if you appear in your bathrobe you might just startle him. And yet you won’t be so dressed that you’ll actually be tempted to flee the house after the deliveryman, away, away from your deadline, perhaps to Singapore. Black is a good color for a ratty sweater. (see the portion of my video regarding “spills and stains.”)

3) Josh. I almost stashed my friend Josh in the box instead. Josh likes to go surfing during his lunch hour (he owns his own business) and then stop by my house to talk to me of Libertarianism and Nick Hornby and motorcycles (three separate topics, I should specify). But Josh is around 6 feet tall and difficult to compact. An aside: We recorded a song for the American Idol song competition (I played all the guitar parts; Josh sang, as he was the singer in my first band) but I accidentally wrote it in a key all but guaranteed to asphyxiate him, and he makes a strangling sound during the bridge. One day I’ll share the .mp3 with y’all. It’s a GREAT song. LOL.

4)      Books! During the deadline stretch, it’s important to keep near you the books you’ve already written, to remind yourself that 1) you’ve accomplished this before and you will again, no matter how improbable that seems at the moment, and that it’s really all worthwhile; 2) you’re likely NOT a talentless hack, regardless of what your tired brain is telling you, as someone actually published you. Several times. And...3) Readers actually bought your books, possibly genuinely enjoyed them, and might even buy and enjoy the one you’re feverishly attempting to complete even as the thing is trying to KILL YOU. LOL.

Actually, I exaggerate a tad, of course. Because that's my job as an author. :)

Which brings me back to the best part of being a writer, which is connecting with readers from all over the world. I'll  be hanging out here all week, and I’m going to give a signed book away every day this week to a random commenter (so I hope I get some good reader commenters!!), and on Friday I’ll give away the grand prize of the beautiful chalcedony, onyx and sterling earrings from the Perils of Pleasure collection by Northern California jewelry designer Circe designs and a set of my the Holt Sisters trilogy (Beauty and the Spy, Ways to be Wicked and The Secret to Seduction) books. But you have to tell me what color my bathrobe is. LOL. (watch the video!) And just ask me any questions you feel like asking, or just say hi and tell me how your weather is. :) Thanks again for coming to the party! :)  xo….julie

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I hope you see this

I have been trying to get a comment on here all week and it wont let me i hope you see this. I have a question for you. Who or what do you use as insperation for your book. I love reading your books and I was wondering if any one inspiers you. Hope you are having a great day Julie.

                                           April Alvey

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Hey Ziggy!! LOL on your

Hey Ziggy!! LOL on your monitor!! Monitors all seem to have distinct personalities. The robe is pink, so your monitor got that right!! I hope you're having a wonderful time -- thanks for coming!! The 80's disco is in full swing, and Paul McCartney is just about to do an acoustic set in the theater. Feel free to wander from room to room!! :)

Hey Cissi!! I've had such a great time, I can't begin to tell you. LOL. I can't believe how fast this week has gone. :) I'm so glad you've enjoyed party, too!! I very much hope to throw another gig or event of some kind when LIKE NO OTHER LOVER is ready to see the light of day, so stay tuned. :) Meanwhile, be sure to have an evening cocktail and perhaps take a peek into the disco!

Hi April! You're so sweet!! I'm so glad you enjoy my books -- and I'm delighted you could come to the party! Hope you're having a lovely time here, because I am! :) And you know...inspiration is nearly everywhere. Honestly! I know it sounds simple but it's true. :) I never know when something I see or hear will be the spark the lights the tinder for an entire story. Inspiration is funny that way.  Sometimes an idea occurs to me, and I just sit with it awhile, and if starts to bloom a bit -- sprout leaves and petals, so to speak, LOL -- become an actual story -- then I know it's a good one. I often start with the heroes -- I wonder: what kind of man do I want to spend a whole book with? :) And then I take it from there. None of my characters are based on actual people, but they may have qualities that people I've known have. Usually they take on lives of their own, though. :)

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Just wanted to congratulate the winners so far

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Darn. I just found your

Darn. I just found your party and it's almost over. I think you should have another party! I love your pink bathrobe. I just got to put mine away because it finally got warm and sunny here. we'll probably get a last burst of snow but I finally feel like spring and summer are on the way. Thanks for the party!

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Hey Blueviolet!! So

Hey Blueviolet!! So delighted you could make it! There's still a lively evening of entertainment, cocktails, and divine cyber fingerfood (both sweet and savory) ahead of us, so you're not at all too late. :) Do come in and mingle!! Here in San Francisco, the bathrobe is a year-round phenomenon, pretty much. LOL. Congratulations on the advent of spring in your neck of the woods! And I'll certainly have another party at some point -- probably in honor of Like No Other Lover, coming out in November. You can just about count on it!! I have lots of ideas, and I'm always up for fun in order to celebrate a book and hang out with you guys!

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Hey Julie just wanted to pop

Hey Julie just wanted to pop in and say hi again! I can't beleive how many comments you have had for this blog entry. I haven't read Pop so I don't really have an opinion of who should play their characters in a movie version, Sorry about that.


P.S. I love your cat. We both have read hair so I guess were starting a fashion statement.

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WOW, the party is still

WOW, the party is still going strong! I brought some peach bellinis and some of the cover models leftover from RT. I think they got lost on their way home. ;)  ohhhh, did you just refill the chocolate bar?? tata boys...

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Just wanted to drop in and say "Hi".  You're looking good in that pink bathrobe!  I love pink too!

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POP Blog Party

Hi, Julie,

An earlier attempt to post a comment apparently didn't connect! So here we go again!

Congratulations to limecello and karlew on their Wednesday wins! Thanks to Julie for the soft jazz

during the am hours, I wasn't sure you heard my request last night, the "hall" was really rocking!!

I'm so very excited about hearing Paul MacCartney in tonight's concert, I've never had a chance to

see him live!! BTW, six of the grandchildren in our family have names that connect to Sir Paul

and/or the Beatles: Ashley Eileen, Paul Alan, Julia Michelle, Abbey Elaine, Sadie McKenzie, and

Jude Harrison (born last Thursday.) Needless to say, the parents are all great fans!!! It's a great

party, Julie, and I am so into all the action!!!!!!!!

Pat Cochran


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Pop to you drop

Hi Julie, just dropping in to say Hi! I think this is the biggest party I have ever been to, so many comment. I would also like to say Congrats to all the winners. Limecello your name seems to pop up every where I go. I think you are a bigger blogger then me.

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POP Blog Party

Hi Julie,

It is said that the third time is the charm - so here goes!! My "Congratulations" to limecello and

karlew for their Wednesday wins. Thanks, Julie, for the soft jazz during the am hours, I wasn't

sure you heard my request last evening, the "hall" was really rocking! I am so very excited

about hearing Paul McCartney today. I've never had a chance to see Sir Paul live!! By the way,

six of the grandchildren in our family have names connected to Sir Paul or the Beatles. The

names are Ashley Eileen, Paul Alan, Julia Michelle, Abbey Elaine, Sadie McKenzie, and Jude

Harrison. Needless to say the parents are great fans. Wow, Julie, is the concert starting?

Is that Sir Paul? Somebody catch me, I think I'm going to faint!!

Pat Cochran

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LOL, Pat!! I hope you

LOL, Pat!! I hope you enjoyed Sir Paul last night!! I absolutely love the list of names of your grandchildren  - they're fabulous! And once again a reader gets this writer's creative wheels turning. :) I can picture a story about a whole family named for the Beatles...and maybe somehow their lives reflect the songs. You're a genius, Pat!! LOL. I should mention that hangover-friendly soft jazz is wafting through the air this morning like a sweet-scented breeze, so enjoy. :) Thanks for coming!! I'm so pleased you could make it, and needless to say you're on the VIP list for the next party. :)

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POP Blog Party


Just a quick note to congratulate limecello and karlew on their Wednesday wins!

Thanks to Julie for the soft jazz during the am hours, I didn't think you heard my request last

evening, the "hall" was really rocking! Great party, looking forward to reading "The Perils

of Pleasure."

Pat Cochran

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The POP til you Drop Blog Party and Movie Premiere

Hi. Love the pink robe. It looks so comfy. Weather is great in the Bronx. Keep up the good work!

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Hey hammie!! So glad you

Hey hammie!! So glad you could come to the party!!:)  Do have a POP cocktail and mingle with the girls on this final day of a glorious good time. LOL. Glad you're having great weather in the Bronx -- our weather is supposed to fabulous here this weekend, too. 

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Cool party

Good to see the party is still hot even after 5 days,wow,thats my kind of party,hope you have another one again,thanks

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Friday already!

Fun party - but over too soon. I will be checking my e-mail for another invitation! Say, if anyone sees a waiter...

I am off for my camping trip, with POP tucked in my backpack. Should be a great weekend. Have fun, everyone!

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Vickie!! It's been

Vickie!! It's been wonderful to have you here, and I'm so glad you've had a great time. LOL. There will be other parties, of course -- mostly likely around NOvember -- because it'll take all of us that long to recover from this one. LOL.

Hey Twin -- thanks for coming to the party!! Don't forget to pack up your complimentary fluffy robe before you leave! :) Hope you and the family have a great time camping. May the mosquitoes have other plans this weekend rather than biting you. :) I hope you had a great time!! Stay tuned for future party invitations -- you know they'll be forthcoming! :)

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Well, it's Friday.  Just stopping in to wish you all a very happy weekend!  Going to be mostly sunny and hot here in NC for most of the weekend.  Hope the weather where you are will be just as nice!

Little early in the day for a drink (other than coffee...lots of coffee!!), but later a tall Rum Dry and Lime on ice will be nice.   However, any time of the day is a good time for chocolate.  That Bailey's Irish Cream Truffle you served Thursday was totally YUM-O! What's on the menu for today?

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Well, it's Friday and I'm just stopping in to wish you all a happy weekend. It will be mostly sunny and hot for most of the weekend here in NC. H hope your weather will be great.

Little early in the day for a drink (other than coffee...lots of coffee) but later a tall Rum Dry and Lime over ice will be nice.  However, anytime of the day is time for chocolate. Those Bailey's Irish Cream truffles you served up Thursday were YUM-O.  What's on the menu for today?

(PS...hope this isn't a double post.  Had some trouble with posting earlier) 

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Wow, Karen -- that tall Rum

Wow, Karen -- that tall Rum dry and lime sounds incredible. But do try a Perils of Pleasure cocktail before you go. LOL. You'll leave with a smile on your face!! Thanks so much for coming to the party -- it's been a blast having you here. :) The truffle of the day is a milk chocolate pumpkin, but there's also a white chocolate raspberry and dark chocolate almond. Oh, man. Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend -- glad you'll have sunshine!! -- and don't forget to take home your your complimentary fluffy robe! :)

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Pop Til You Drop Party and Movie Premiere Giveaway

Hi I just wanted to drop in and say Hi. I just discovered your site this morning. Your bathrobe is pink.

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I can't believe that it's Friday already!


You spend a few days at a party and the week flies by even faster than normal... WTG Julie!

  Looking forward to seeing what today's menu offers as well and I've gotta say how much I'm enjoying the bands... and the psychic cyber-waiters.  Do you think you could loan me a couple?  For a couple of days... or months.. possibly decades?  LOL

  Gotta say I'm going to be re-reading my JAL books after the book I'm presently reading.  It's been awhile since I've spent time with Rebecca and Connor (The Runaway Duke)... but I do remember how drool-worthy he was!  And Lily and Gideon (To Love a Thief) were top-notch as well... hmmm, I could easily turn next week into my 'Julie Anne Long reading week'... and what fun that would be!  Get to spend time again with all those hunky men... *drool*... uh, apologies.. so unbecoming for a woman my age.  *blush*

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BTW Julie...

Love the additions to the Deadline Preparedness box!  Not that I have deadlines you know... just life. 
1.  Elastics for when my hair is somewhat longer and driving me NUTS! 

2.  I have two ratty-ish sweaters / tops that are my comfort shirts... if I can find 'em as my daughters (only two at home any longer) take them and wear them... but they're MINE!  and they're both young and dress very nicely... so why my shirts??!??

3.  Josh... yeah I'd LOVE to hear the song... any video footage from your time in the band?  I've long wanted to see you in your younger & wilder (?) days!  *grin*

4.  Books... yeah Julie... if your books can't inspire you I don't know what could... I do so love them all... they've each got their own appeal and individuality, and I've been a fan since The Runaway Duke was released.
  You just keep getting better and better!

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LOL, Kathy!! I love that you

LOL, Kathy!! I love that you and your daughters swap the comfy clothes!! Isn't it funny how we gravitate again and again to the same things? And yet some things are just magical that way -- they're comfy, they look all right, they might not be entirely flattering but they're comforting. Maybe your daughters just like your stuff the way my cat likes to sleep on my clothes. LOL. Because  your clothes remind them of you. And we don't have any videos from the band days (well....that I know of...please God don't let there be a video! LOL. There  might be -- but these were the days before everyone compulsively filmed everything. LOL), but I have another friend who's a filmmaker who wants to film us playing that song we wrote for AI (it has some seriously crunchy parts -- whee!), so you know what...? Stay tuned!! LOL. More dorky videos might be on the way!!

You're such a sweetheart!! Warms my heart every time you talk about my books! LOL. I think you're right, and they're all kind of different...and they all probably will continue to be different. We'll see how it goes by the time I get to book 12 or 15. LOL. And I will probably never stop biting my nails hoping everyone will like my next book. :)

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Stupid Flu

I wanted to comment earlier this week and then I came down with the flu and have been out of commission for days.  Hope everyone had a great week!  Congrats to the winners!

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Poor Nicki!! :( So sorry

Poor Nicki!! :( So sorry about the flu!! But glad you could stop by today!! Surely a foot rub from one of the attractive psychic cyber waiters will help you recover nicely? :) If not, request a Perils of Pleasure cyber cockail -- if it doesn't cure you outright, it'll at least make you forget aaaallll about being sick. :) And hopefully you'll be feeling fine and frisky by the release of Like No Other Lover -- we'll have some sort of gig for that one, too!

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Congratulations Cheryl on your new book!  Sounds like a great read!  Good luck!

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Long applause for Shari C and Foontou!

  All you lucky winners came away with wonderful prizes! 

It's been a blast spending a week here... and as for the someone who says that I was dancing on the tables last night... I object!!  I was... uh... looking for something... to, uh... eat... really!
   (Drat! Why do I get the feeling that no one believes me?)

Ah well, another of Julie's parties and another *interesting* reputation for myself.....  Julie, your parties are dangerous I tell you.. dangerous!
  How'm I supposed to convince people that I'm actually a mature and serious person... I ask you?!
     Well, at least we can keep it between us, no?  Please??
                       Pretty please??


  Fabulous as always, you do know how to entertain my dear!  *grin*

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LOL! Everyone here should

LOL! Everyone here should know that Kathy K. is a respectable Canadian married lady -- but man, put a few cyber cocktails in her and she's dancing on tables and smooching cyber Sir Paul McCartney in the corner (oops! Did I say that??) hee! I'm sure they were just kissing each other hello. Ahem. Actually, everyone was kissing Sir Paul last night -- his cheek had lipstick prints all over it.  And I'm sure Kathy wasn't actually dancing on the tables...she was just looking for a shortcut through the crowd to the tiny spring rolls and proscuitto-wrapped melon skewers, and she traversed the tables instead. Hee!! It wouldn't be a cyber party without you, Kathy, and I"m so glad you came!! :) Do have a few (dozen) Perils of Pleasure cocktails before the party recedes into the mists of time. :) I'm toasting you with one right now!!

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Thanks Julie... and you're right Sir Paul is definitely kissable!

  Of course you realize by indulging in the wonderful Perils of Pleasure cocktails I may just never leave!  Especially with all these luscious psychic waiters just waiting to do my bidding.  *grin*

  And your description of my trip across the room is a much better one than I came up with... guess that's why you're the writer and I'm the reader, eh?

  It's been a blast... and definitely looking forward to your Like No Other Lover cyber party... long to wait....

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*Happy Sigh*

Julie, this party has been fabulous! Lavender scented cloths draped over the eyes sounds absolutely blissful. That and tea.

I'm sorry to have missed the karaoke and table dancing last night ;-). Congratulations to ShariC!

What are your plans for today or the weekend?

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Wow!   Not only was I able

Wow!   Not only was I able to attend such a fabulous party, but I was so fortunate to find I was a winner also on Thursday.   Thank you for a terrific and unbelievable party and also congratulations to all the other winners.  

Wishing everyone a happy and safe week-end and looking forward to seeing everyone at the next party.   I do think before I leave I will have another one of those iced coffee drinks and maybe stop at the omelette bar as I say my good-byes to one and all. 

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Congrats to all our lovely

Congrats to all our lovely winners, and big hugs to everyone who attended -- thanks so much for making this bash a huge succes!! Hopefully everyone will carry feelings of blissful bohnomie and joi de vivre and those other cheerful French words with you throughout the next week and beyond. :) I maintain that I'm unbelievably lucky to have the nicest, funniest, smartest readers in the world. What can I do but throw a bash in honor of us all every now and then? :)  And if you all buy POP, maybe one day I'll be able give fabulous goodies away to every single person who shows up! LOL. It's my dream!!

Everyone should feel free to linger in the lavender-scented, soft jazz-enhanced atmosphere, imbibe the Perils of Pleasure cocktails and the petite, exquisite little gourmet ice cream cones, and spend a few more hours indulging in the tender administrations of the very attractive psychic cyber-waiters. Don't be sad when you say good-bye to them—they'll be staffing the next party, too. :)

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Love the bathrobe and it is

Love the bathrobe and it is time to pop!

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Ah, it is winding down...I

Ah, it is winding down...I am going to down a few POP cocktails myself and enjoy the fact that it is Friday!  I hate to see the party end but will definitely be looking forward to November's party!  Julie, thanks for throwing such a fun bash with wonderful cyber treats!

Congrats to all the winners!

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to the winners!

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POP Blog Party

You are truly the "hostess with the mostest" (title borrowed from Perle Mesta, I'm sure she will

share), this party has been a blast! Please accept my thanks for a super, fun-filled week!

I look forward to keeping in touch through the pages of your books and visits to your great

blog site!

Pat Cochran

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Hi Julie,

Congrats to all the winners.  Since the party is winding down, we should have the waiters bring out the champagne.  I hope the karaoke machine is still on.

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Congratulations, Foontou - and congratulations to all the other winners too! Thanks so much for this fabulous party, Julie!

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Congratulations to all the winners

Humph. Left out again. LOL

You've got too many readers and friends, Julie. But then, can we ever have too many friends, and if we're writers, too many readers?

Now I'll have to look for POP myself. Well, Kelley Armstrong will be in town next Saturday for autographs at Chapters. I'll go and look for your book and have one of her books autographed at the same time. She lives not far from our fair city.

BTW, the skull has been identified as that of a teen who was murdered about 12 years ago here in town. Some of his bones had been found before a little upriver. This find, however, renews the pain that his family is suffering.