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The High Cost of Resentment (and not teaching emotional literacy)

Today when I logged on to check my email, there was an article about an Alabama professor who shot several colleagues, apparently because she was resentful about being denied tenure. There’s more history there clearly – she shot and killed her 18-year-old brother in 1986 in what she said was an accident. And several times people interviewed referred to her as “odd.” (Sounds like Asperger’s to me.)   So no conclusions – it’s way more complicated than just resentment. And yet I can’t help wondering about how much of a factor blame is. How much her inability to deal with disappointment contributed. It’s not just her, of course. I hate disappointment as much as the next person, and I love to blame my feelings on others. It’s a cultural thing.

Yesterday my friend F and I were listening to the first CD of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication. He said there’s been research done and that cultures that use less violent language have (not surprisingly) exhibit less violence.  

What’s the cure? I can’t fix the culture – hell, I can’t even fix myself. I just keep observing and gathering in and praying. I think that’s all we can do….