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I'm on vacation for a month--it's a marvelous invention. I haven't had a real vacation in two years, so I really appreciate it. Earlier in the week I got sick so I canceled all my appointments for the week. It turned out getting sick was a blessing because then I really had a vacation more blisfully. I'm going to Costa Rica so I could research mosquitos and insect repellant. I decided to go with DEET, the poison stuff. It's only three days out of my life that I need to use the DEET. I don't think the organic insect repellant like Skin so Soft works. I can do a little shopping for myself, which i rarely do.

But I like in-town vacations best. Two people I know within a few days sent me their skype id so I could download skype and figure out how to do it. After three emails from Gateway I finally found out I didn't have a built-in microphone so I can't do skype anyway. I have to get a microphone. I became fascianted with the idea of having a phone over the Internet. i did through skype send a message to my neice in Athens and get a message back--that was cool.

I wrote my first new short story in years yesterday. For so long I've just been writing poetry and non-fiction. Writing fiction was cool. Actually, I learned something about the main character as seven pages poured out of me.

 So many people are losing my jobs. I was just talking yesterday with a neighbor who said her mother lost 1/2 her ESL teaching job at Los Angeles Unified and her brother-in-law was laid off from his job as a BMW mechanic. it's too bad students loose their ESL classes. So having a job seems special and having a vacation seems special right now. Yes, where i work Santa Monica College is going to do cuts this year but we don't know what they are yet but now it's just having a vacation.