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Signing Toronto Declaration

I was number 1159 signing the Toronto Declaration supporting Jane Fonda, Alice Walker, Naomi Klein etc. criticism of the Tortonto film festival for allowing itself to be a press agent for the Israeli government while it brutally mistreats Palestinians.

 From Jewish Voices for Peace:

 "Do you know that terrible feeling you get when someone you care about is viciously attacked for something they haven't done? I got that feeling when I heard the outrageous charges against amazing and courageous people like Alice Walker, Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler, Naomi Klein, Daniel Boyarin, and Jane Fonda. They need our support.

Why? Because they signed "The Toronto Declaration", a letter questioning the wisdom of unconditionally celebrating Tel Aviv and Israel at the Toronto International Film Festival just months after the brutal attack on Gaza. The letter they signed opposes this celebratory spotlight on Tel Aviv when 1.5 million Gazans suffer the effects of an ongoing blockade of food, medical supplies and goods; and while the Israeli government continues to dispossess Palestinians from their homes and lands, without any accountability. 

Now, over 1,000 artists and writers who signed this statement, including many Israelis and Palestinian and the people I named above, are being falsely charged with boycott, censorship, and even, amazingly enough, supporting the destruction of Israel."

 On the Jewish Voices for Peace website so you can sign too if you wish.