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My Mother's Birthday Party

Today my mother was 87, so i put on a birthday party for her at her board and care in the back patio. Yesterday i really enjoyed shopping for the party, and went to a great Russian bakery in West Hollywood called Stolichnaya. My mother raised me on really good bread, and I had to have the best rye bread, so I asked the man in the bakery, "I'd like a rye bread." He said, "We have Russian rye, Polish rye, Jewish rye, and rye with pesto, which is gourmet rye." I was a bit overwhelmed by all the different kinds of rye bread, so I got a loaf of Russian rye and the rye with pesto (delicious). 

 Then, he showed me the perogi; dough stuffed meat, cabage or potato. I took the potato perogi. My mother wanted guacamole:  the party food was Russian Jewish and Mexican. So I made her some guacamole, which is easy. Growing up in Los Angeles we had an avocado tree in our backyard, so we grew up on avoado. 

 At the party itself I had invited cousins and my mother's friends, served rye bread and cold cuts to make sandwiches as well as guacamole and chips. A cousin who couldn't make it sent a huge display of edible fruit as a gift with melon, canteloupe, grapes, and  pineapple. Of course, I had to have chocolate cake since my mother loves chocolate cake. I got the most chocolate cake I could find . We also had music, a man playing a piano and singing songs like "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes."  Half the patio would chip in on the choruses of the songs, and some of us danced. We sang 3 rounds of "happy birthday" to my mom. Ric, one of her guests who is a West Hollywood political activist for seniors, had his birthday last week, so we sang a round of "happy birthday" to Ric. So we wound up celebrating not one birthday but two birthdays!

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Rye Bread and Chocolate Cake

Happy Birthday to your mom.

I want to try every rye bread next time I go there. I don't think I know that bakery, but I love bakery in Fairfax. The first time I went into Canter's, I was a bit shocked at the way they sold bread. I ordered pumpernickel (sp?)because I had never seen such dark bread before that in my life, and the baker chopped a piece right then, placed it on a piece of wax paper, and handed it to me. It saved time, and it was delicious, and the price was reasonable. And I love chocolate of anything.