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CNN Should Fire Lou Dobbs: We Are All Immigrants

 I endorse the call of Latinos, immigrants, and others that CNN has allowed Lou Dobbs to spew out hateful  lies about Hispanic immigrants for too long, and now CNN should fire Lou Dobbs. As the editorial in El Diario La Prensa  from New York says,  "For years, almost on a daily basis, Dobbs has relentlessly attacked immigrants. In this pursuit, his disdain for Latinos and immigrants is as evident as his contempt for the facts."


The editorial outlines some of Dobbs falsehoods: he claims "illegal aliens" cause increased leprosy in the United States--false. He says  US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is " is mixed up with drug cartels. Also false."

Lou Dobbs "  has promoted the "reconquista" conspiracy theory that immigrants are scheming to reclaim parts of the US for Mexico. After displaying a "reconquista" graphic, produced by the supremacist group the Council of Conservative Citizens, "Lou Dobbs Tonight" was forced to apologize for its appallingly scurrilous source. A CNN spokesperson described the action as "regrettable."

Dobbs has regularly featured spokesmen from racist groups on his show such as John Tranton, who founded Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR). The Southern Poverty Law Center said that for nine years FAIR was financed by the neo-Nazi Pioneer Fund. So by having such racists on his show Dobbs is serving to legitimize racism against immigrants as OK for mainstream TV viewing.

The editorial points out that while CNN gives a huge platform to hate speech against Latino immigrants, " there has been a dramatic rise in the number of hate crimes committed against Hispanic immigrants. Hate crimes against Latinos - the crimes that have been reported, that is - have increased by 40 percent in the past five years. The very lives of Latino immigrants are in danger. In Suffolk County, Long Island, immigrants are routinely attacked, beaten and spat upon, and law enforcement officials sit back and do little about it." FBI statistics report that  the 40% increase in hate crimes against Latinos from 2003 to 2007 is fear greater than the 16% increase in the Hispanic poulation in that time period.

 In this country  Presente.org and other organizations now ask CNN to fire Dobbs for two reasons:  1.) to stop the spread of hate speech on the airwaves; and 2.) to "to preserve the dignity and ensure the security of Hispanics."

   CNN doesn't air Dobbs program in Latin America but airs him in the United States as " a marketing strategy, it seems, to improve their ratings among xenophobes at the expense of Hispanics and immigrants. Organized resistance to this disgrace has been slow in coming, and now is the time that CNN does the right thing."

 Any hate speech against one group of society endangers us all and should be fought. Millions of us are children or grandchildren or greatgrandchildren of immigrants. Starting in 1840s Irish-American immigrants were subject to hate speech while Irish immigrant men worked hard to build canals and railroads to develope this country.  Millions of Americans still have respect the couuntries from which our families immigrated but for generations we  have contributed to building up this country, served in the armed forces, and shown up to help in national emergencies . We should all say to CNN:  We are all immigrants. An attack on Hispanic immigrants is an attack on all citizens of the United States. You shoul fire Lou dobbs.