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If You're in Financial Crisis (or Any Crisis), It's Time To Surrender

With the world's economy on such shaky ground as the old structures crumble to make way for the new, there are millions of people who consider themselves in dire financial straits. They are facing such potentially core-shaking events as home foreclosures, job losses, and bankruptcy. Many are experiencing utter desperation because they just don't know what to do.

If that's you—or if you're in any situation that has you feeling in dire straits—I invite you to do the most powerful thing possible: surrender. Give everything over to your Spirit to sort out. Turn it over to the wise, powerful aspect of you to handle, and be willing to listen for and act on your Spirit's guidance in taking any practical steps that need to be taken.

I invite you to use this experience as your proving ground for your beliefs—to put your spirituality to the test—so that you can demonstrate the very truths you've adopted and have made your intention to live by. And what better time is there to do that than when your back is to the wall? Up against the wall is a power place when you decide it is. When you're up against the wall, the most powerful response is to say to your Spirit, "I surrender this to you."

Only One Thing is Standing In The Way of The Abundant Life You Were Designed to Live

Your very design as a human being calls for you to thrive, live in harmony, and be abundantly blessed. But there is an important part of this that many have missed. This harmony and abundance depends on you listening to your Spirit's voice above all other voices, and following its guidance faithfully. That is how the Creator set things up for humanity to live a life of joy, ease, and harmony.

But you cannot expect the level of abundant blessing you were designed to enjoy when you allow the loud, panicked voice of the Fearful Self to drown out the calm, sure, wise voice of your Spirit. And heaven knows, this whole economic scenario is riling up our fearful aspects and causing them to scream bloody murder! Financial trouble strikes right at the major hot buttons of your Fearful Self, also known as your ego.

The threat of losing one's home, of not having enough food, of not being able to provide abundantly for one's family, of feeling like a failure, and so on—these all hit ego right where it lives (no pun intended). Because ego's agenda lines right up with the agenda of your primitive brain, known in the Triune Brain Model as the reptilian brain, that part of you that is concerned with your physical survival, it is particularly stressed at anything to do with threats to survival or status. And when ego's buttons are pushed, it is loud and insistent on getting your attention.

But you can't let the threatened ego take over and drown out the voice of your Spirit. You need to do whatever it takes to soothe the poor, terrified thing into quietude so that Spirit's voice can be heard in response. The key to doing this is to raise your vibration, because the higher you go, the fainter ego's voice is, and the clearer Spirit's voice.

The Fearful Self Must Be Allowed Its Say, or There Will Be No Peace

The thing is, though, ego is not going to let this happen without first being heard. Ironically, in order to quiet it's voice, you will first need to let it express itself. Your helpless little-child ego-self is going to need to wail it out and your teenaged ego-self is going to need to yell about how unfair it all is. Every level of ego will need to discharge its anger and express its fear. That is not dwelling on the negative; it is managing your vibration by managing your feelings. Trying to go higher without clearing out all this emotional energy is futile. Stuffing your fear and trying to paste a smiley face on it in the name of being positive is just not going to work.

You may recognize this emotional release as being Step 3 from the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System. Whenever you feel the fear and emotional energy building up, have a #3 and clear it out on purpose. That is how you clear the way to the empowering guidance of your omniscient Spirit.

After releasing the fearful emotions, use some of the many tools listed in the Step-By-Step system to transcend your fearful ego and go higher in vibration, and, thus, closer to your Spirit. Uplifting music, aromatherapy, physical exercise, appreciating nature—or a combination of these or others—will help you move higher and higher. As long as it feels pleasurable to you—as long as you're feeling better and better—you know what you are doing is uplifting you.

Surrender Again, and Again, and Again

If you find yourself worrying or trying to think your way through the problem, it's time to surrender again. Your Spirit, always in alignment with the Design for Harmony, knows exactly what to do to bring you to your highest level of well-being, no matter the circumstances or the problems you may have created by allowing ego to lead. When you are aligned with your Spirit, it will tell you the practical steps you need to take in the process of sorting out a problem or moving to a more peaceful situation. Your Spirit is also a dispenser of miracles if you're sufficiently surrendered and available to receive them.

The solutions your Spirit has for you won't require engineering by your left brain—your left brain will only be needed to carry out the instructions Spirit gives you. Your left brain won't be able to come up with the ideas to solve the problems—it would have already done so if it were able. Spirit will provide the ideas and solutions, but you have to be tuned in to receive its messages.

When you worry, plot, plan, and control, you are on the wrong wavelength to receive the perfect guidance of your Spirit. When worry sets in, just turn it around by saying, "I trust you Spirit. I surrender this to you." How often do you need to surrender? How ever many times it takes. Your frightened ego will try to convince you that relying on your Spirit is impractical, but that's only because it can't see high enough to grasp what your Spirit is able to do that it can't.

Keep affirming your trust in your Spirit. Praise your Spirit for its brilliance and power (this is not for your Spirit's sake, but for your own!). And to really keep yourself in the zone, go ahead and thank your Spirit with all the enthusiasm of someone who has just been told that all her problems have been solved, because that is the very outcome that is being created when you trust your Spirit and follow its guidance to the abundant life you were designed to live.

You can access the Step-By-Step Frequency Raising System here. Other pertinent articles are Why Don't You Just Give UP?; Non-Resistance: When Spiritual Wisdom Escapes You, It's the Way to Go; The Solution to Your Problems: Rise Above the Trouble Zone and you might want to read of my own dramatic surrender experience in the introduction to my book, Recreating Eden.

©2008 Julia Rogers Hamrick