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You MUST have this on your bookshelf, no matter who you are
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Joanna Daneman, Amazon.com top 10 reviewer

If you or a family member or loved friend is facing hospitalization or any invasive medical procedure, you MUST HAVE THIS BOOK to hand. The book advertises "hundreds of life-saving facts, action steps and strategies" but it is much more. It covers everything from who might actually do your surgery to how to ask for handwashing and skin disinfectant when getting IV lines. Even how to monitor how the floor is being washed (dirty water and mop from room to room?) to talking to the nurse manager in charge to how to obtain your records.

This book will open your eyes. If you face the uncomfortable situation of being in the hospital yourself or attending a loved one who is there, you should be familiar ALREADY with this book and have it by your side. Review it frequently. If you don't know how important it is to advocate for your loved one, this will teach you how. This is an eye-opener and a very educational reference book.

ABSOLUTELY A MUST. Read it. Know it. Review it.