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I began typing with no preconceived notion of this blog’s subject matter. I thought—why not give it a shot—letting go of my usual writing techniques might unleash a torrent of untapped creativity lurking in an undisclosed location in my brain. This is it; I’m going with the flow. It’s the second...
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I should be finishing my overdue court report. I should be trimming the cat’s nails; the pet nail scissors have been sitting on the kitchen counter as a reminder for four weeks. (There’s something not quite kosher about that.) I should be folding the load of laundry that’s been turning somersaults...
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Grey Sparrow Homepage
I’m pleased to announce three of my poems are featured in the spring issue of Grey Sparrow. They can be viewed online at Grey Sparrow. My poem, Jellyfish Dance, was one of twelve poems selected for publication in Grey Sparrow’s print journal, including Our National Treasure Poet Robert Bly’s, It’s...
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I’ve been sitting on good news for two weeks. Two weeks. I can’t tell you though. I can’t make an official announcement until the first of April. Keeping good news quiet is deliciously painful. As a Horticultural Therapist, I determined it was unhealthy to let the pressure of not telling build...
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The radish seedlings poked their heads through the soil in one of the square foot gardens this morning. I was admiring them, and the lettuce and broccoli when three robins swooped into our side yard. One of the robins cocked his head and the Jackson Five version of Rockin’ Robin popped into my head...
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Hope and baseball are hallmarks of spring. March 20th threw both Japan’s way when Red Sox management announced Daisuke Matsuzaka, beloved pitcher from Japan, was on a roll in spring training.  Due to neck and back injuries, Dice K had a lackluster 2010 season, ending with a 9-6 record the members...
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If you asked if I thought burning the flag was wrong, I’d say yes. I’d assume you mean the flag of the United States of America. We drove to Eureka Springs, Arkansas on Sunday. We travel to Eureka frequently because it’s unlike any town within a 200 mile radius. The beautifully restored Victorian...
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The majority of my rejection letters are form letters. Last week I received an unusual one. I don't know if it was a personal rejection letter. It began with the typical thank you for submitting my work. I thought it was a form letter until I read the second sentence, “While your work is engaging,...
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It’s time for dysfunctional gardeners to make their appearance. Not me, silly heads. I may be dysfunctional and a Master Gardener, but the two can’t be combined in my case.  Unless I’m so dysfunctional I don’t know it, in which case I'm a crazy gardener. Most gardeners are a bit dysfunctional....
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Sustainability: The capacity to endure. Blogging Sustainability: The capacity to blog until you resemble Kirk Douglas or behave like Charlie Sheen, at which point you teeter or Twitter. I’m worried about how long I’ll blog because of something I said last week. I said I have to blog today. I didn't...
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I bought a 2011 Writer’s Market in January. I learned there are publishers who consider articles, stories and poems posted online in a forum, blog or website to be previously published. I always read guidelines two times but after this discovery, and my temper tantrum, I decided to read the...
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The notes of Vivaldi’s Spring danced in the air. I rushed to the phone because it was our daughter’s ring tone. I was expecting her call.  RJ beat me to the phone. I heard him exclaim, “What? The orthopedist said it’s broken?” I snatched the upstairs phone. “Jillian, what’s broken?” “My L4 vertebra...
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I don’t have a Facebook page. This abnormality is a ball and chain. It’s the ghost of technology past, trailing behind me bemoaning the loss of computers that took up half a room. I know the minute I sign up, Facebook will be face down.  Three years ago I thought Facebook was a ridiculous waste of...
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I was going to blog about something important today.  Not today though. I’m sick and under the influence of a generic Sudafed tablet. My thinking isn’t clear. Writing about serious, worldly matters is reserved for razor sharp thinkers and the other fifty percent who think and write about serious,...
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I read a rough draft of my new poem to RJ last night. When I finished he said, “It’s good.” I said, “No, really. What do you think?” I swiveled in my faux leather chair. RJ was staring at a large, slow-moving green bar on his computer screen. I wanted to tell him watching the indicator wouldn’t...
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