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Roll out the red carpet for Red Room’s All-New, re-developed website. It’s fitting that the subject of my inaugural blog in my newly designed, gorgeous home is my number one garden foe. Yes, that damn ‘dillo is back. He’s been tearing up our garden; I mean his garden for three weeks. Five days ago...
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I appreciate what Jennifer Bosveld, editor of Pudding House Publications, says about poetry, “Make words dance together that have not danced together before.” I read a lot of poetry when I’m researching potential markets. Unfortunately, I don’t like the confusing dance style exhibited in some...
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This is the first time I'm going to post two blogs back to back. I was almost done with the blog I planned on posting today when I decided to check my email (how I finish anything is a mystery.) I found one from Frogpond: Journal of the Haiku Society of America . They've accepted two of my haiku...
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Another weather record was set here yesterday—one-hundred and eight degrees with a heat index of one-hundred and ten. What’s a girl with a fever to do? Rather than complain about being hot and the pavement buckling, I’ll rave about this year’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.  Episodes run...
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When is the best time to go to the Emergency Room? The best time is never. Following never, the best time at Skaggs Hospital in Branson is not 12:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. The only benefit was there wasn’t one tourist on the road to slow us down. I thought please be empty when I opened the door into...
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Here’s what I didn’t do today: I didn’t send out any submissions. I didn’t finish my new short story. I didn’t write an essay about an event (funny now) in my marriage and I didn’t put up my new bulletin board because I didn’t go to Staples to buy a bulletin board.   My new bulletin board, which I’...
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Jules' Glam Office
July twenty-second marks my first anniversary at Red Room. I didn’t know what to expect when I joined because I read about Red Room in Oprah. I was leery and insecure, had this nebulous idea of an online support group where English professors with imaginary red pens pointed out my spell check...
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I use Duotrope’s Digest’s free services to research potential markets and track my submissions. Other services they offer include market response statistics, interviews with editors, a newsletter, market updates and personal stats. Here’s an example of my stats: Pending responses for last 12 months...
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Binnacle Ultra Short.jpg
The Binnacle announced the full list of winners for their Eighth Annual International Ultra-Short Competition on Facebook Wednesday, July 6 with this statement: “The Binnacle is proud to announce the four Prize-Winners and fifty-three Honorable Mentions for our Eighth Annual Ultra-Short Competition...
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Patriotism is generally defined as feeling or expressing love, devotion or vigorous support of one’s country. What is it then…what emotional bond or tie makes a country worthy of our devotion and love? Is it because we were born there? It's where we now live? And why are some people patriotic while...
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Lookout Cottage Gatehouse
My geographical cure Get Away worked. I’m temporarily cured of the blues. If I’m honest, I’ll admit I was a bit disheartened to see a quarter of my plants needed a Get Away after three waterless days and record setting high temperatures on Saturday. Petunias and tomatoes shouldn’t wear brown.  Our...
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After several days of crying and the unexplained fog of pre-holiday blues, I decided my husband and I would get-away-from-it-all this weekend. By “it all” I mean the daily routine (or lack thereof lately with all the caterwauling and pre-holiday blues.) On Monday I started searching for a...
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Stella D'Oro Lily
Contrary to clothes shopping, I enjoy shopping for plants and garden related items. It’s one of the least labor intensive steps in the gardening process. Plus, I don’t have to try anything on. My friend, Kathryn, says time stops in a nursery. I agree. The beautiful array of vegetables, flowers,...
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Canoeing on The James
Can a five-year old make you cry? Perhaps my question should be—should my five year old granddaughter have the power to make me cry? Well, no, she shouldn’t because I’m an adult and she’s a small, defenseless child. Right? Wrong. Because I’m a big, defenseless, aging middle-ager. My daughter, son...
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Men like to kill things. It doesn’t matter if they’re anti-guns and never went hunting; killing is inherent to their nature. Remember the last time a fly dared to invade your man’s castle? My husband, RJ, holds the swatter like he’s the last batter in a tie game in the bottom of the ninth in the...
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