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Winter's Bone: Land of my Home

The credits of Winter's Bone scrolled down the screen. Excited bursts of conversation rose among the seventy people remaining in the theater when they recognized names on the screen.  Five woman, well into their eighties, sang 'Farther Along' in shaky harmony, blending their voices with Marideth Siscos on the soundtrack. The women sang with ease; an automatic performance that only happens when the notes are practiced for decades.

I was surprised that a friend of our son's, Terry Zumalt, was Best Boy Grip. My husband knows Billy Ward, a fellow musician.  We laughed when we saw Steve Wehyer, Manager of the Golden Corral, listed under Caterers. We weren't laughing at Steve. He's well respected in Branson because of his generous nature. It was amusing to see the staff of Winter's Bone remain authentic to the area, right down to the caterers... Please pass the fried okra. No tofu and veggie burgers here.

Winter's Bone was filmed entirely in Taney and Christian Counties. My backyard. The land of Branson. The movie is based on the poverty stricken, drug subculture in our area. It is this subculture that often produces the abused and neglected children for whom I advocate. The movie is literally, too close to home. 

My sister-in-law saw Winter's Bone and decided she shouldn't go off on any of our side roads. She is afraid of who she might run into. She is fresh from San Francisco.  (I think this has something to do with it.) I told her my opinion... Winter's Bone is slightly exaggerated as many fictional portrayals of life situations can be. She was safe in most of the rural areas but there are a few areas to avoid; the Ridge in Reeds Spring Junction and two or three dirt roads in Galena. I offered to show them to her. She agreed.  She doesn't understand my humor.

Winter's Bone won Best Picture at The Sundance Film Festival. It is a haunting, suspenseful movie. It is also a beautiful movie. I hope you see it. You won't forget the old beauty of the Ozark Mountains, rugged kindess of her people, and history of her songs. 




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I'll be looking for it. I read the excerpt from the novel.
It is equally as compelling.
Thanks for the post!