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The Topic-less Blogger

I studied my list of potential blog topics but couldn’t decide on one. My solution was to start typing and see what happened. My keyboard clattered merrily for thirty seconds; the amount of time it took to type these words.

Starting a blog without a topic is like cleaning your house—you do it because you don’t want to fall behind or end up on Hoarders—not because you like to clean.

Back to my list—better to choose something, anything, than wait for the ninth wonder of the world to birth itself in my brain in the form of miraculous prose.

Jules’ Potential Blog Topics:

1. Putting your garden to bed for the winter. (And half my readers to sleep.)

2. Local Republican reactions when I say I listen to “that Mexican stuff” on Noventa-siete punto siete  because I’m a coyote.

3. Ten reasons Democrats and Republicans should play on the opposite team for one year.    (Scratch that one. I forgot I only discuss politics with myself.)

4. Croquet (I know. I already blogged about croquet but it’s an exciting, two-blogger topic in our family because a.) You might catch someone cheating. b.) You might cheat. c.) You might win.)

5. Suspension of disbelief: How to pretend the St. Louis Cardinals are actually the Boston Red Sox playing the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Go Soxy Red Birds.

6. Lack of quality programming on T.V. An entire channel devoted to showing women how their bras are supposed to fit? Bra-zen dumb-dumbs.

7. Direct T.V. Anarchy. They’re removing FX and Sons of Anarchy on November 1st. (Idiots! I don’t want 24/7 bra fittings—I want to watch Charlie Hunnam.)

8. The importance of toe cleavage according to Manolo Blahnik.

Listing these potential topics was helpful. I figured out the topic of this blog. It’s...do you need a new list of blog topics?




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Shoes and Gardens


I'm definitely up for reading about putting your garden to bed for winter (I won't fall asleep because...), I'm also a gardening enthusiast. Also, number 8 looks super interesting. Looking forward to reading about them, if ever you decide to write about them. 


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Gardens and Toes


If gardening and writing ran a race for my number one passion, I don't know which one would win. They fight for my time on a daily basis.  

I plan on doing a Manolo Blahnik blog. I found his comments entertaining. Plus, the man is crafty and he's crafty if he can convince women to spend a thousand dollars or more for a pair of his shoes.

Thanks for commenting. I appreciate hearing from new friends (old friends, too) on Red Room.

Your food haiku poem, dinuguam, is wonderful...a sensory delight.


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Manolo Blahnik blog


I love Blahnik shoes but unfortunately, only twenty and often broke, I won't be able to afford them! 

Also, planting and caring for flowers is an interesting topic for me. I haven't been able to successfully grow them here in my country because of the hot weather. 

I'm glad you liked one of my works

Will look forward to your posts!


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Hi Jules: A non-topic is good

Hi Jules:

A non-topic is good enough because you get to muddly the walls! 

I learned about toe cleavage. Should we let Blahnik and Choo fight over it? 

Have a great Halloween....think of me:)


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Toe cleavage


Nice to see your lovely face and to read your comments.

I'm sadly lacking in fashion knowledge. (Lot of good Project Runway is doing me.) 

I just thought of something. Did they design peep toe shoes to display toe cleavage? (Somebody whack me with a Choo.)

Is this a foot fetish thing? (I'm kidding. It's just fashion. Am I kidding?)

My Halloween will be spent looking out the window, longing for little trick-or-treaters to come up my driveway while I slowly eat the bowlful of miniature Reeses peanut butter cups. 



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You're hilarious, Jules! I'm

You're hilarious, Jules! I'm glad that your whole blog made me laugh, especially #2.
Laughing: One of Rebb's favorite activities and sometimes the people at work can't handle it and think something is wrong with me because I amuse easily--well when something’s funny, anyway. 

Thanks for a good morning cup of laughter to go with my coffee!

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There is nothing wrong with you but the people at work could lighten up a bit. Did you know clever, intelligent people recognize humorous situations more quickly? (I'm not sure if you should repeat that to your co-workers because I might  have made it up.)

Coffee and laughter are an excellent combo. My husband grabs the paper, his cup of coffee and reads the comics first in the morning. (I'm sure I didn't make that up.)

Take care,


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List of lists

Oh I have no end of things I might not write about.  I'm roughing them out even now.  Just you wait, lady.

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I'm waiting, but impatiently, for your list of things you're not going to blog about.

My Blue Cream Tortie Point Siamese is sitting on my desk on top of my Poet's Market book. I'm adding to my list that I'm not going to blog about how beautiful she is. Or how beautiful and smart my two Seal Points are.

(Snuck that one in, didn't I?)


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You've given us all a handy blog topic for the many days when we can't think of a blog topic. Thanks, Jules!

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I can't fool you. I couldn't think of a blog topic exciting enough to wake my fingers from their nap on the keyboard until I thought of the list of topics I probably wasn't going to blog about.


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I loved your list. It kept me laughing all the way through.


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Thanks for reading my topic-less (not to be confused with topless) blog.

If I set out to be funny or think about it too much, it doesn't work out so well. I don't know if the things I write are amusing to other people unless they tell me. I appreciate your validation and in return want you to know I think you are a very clever, amusing writer.