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My geographical cure Get Away worked. I’m temporarily cured of the blues. If I’m honest, I’ll admit I was a bit disheartened to see a quarter of my plants needed a Get Away after three waterless days and record setting high temperatures on Saturday. Petunias and tomatoes shouldn’t wear brown.
Our stay in Suite Alice of the Gatehouse at Lookout Cottages in Eureka Springs was a relaxing respite: no work, computers or television. If I’m honest, I’ll admit RJ tried to find the news a couple times, watched a recap of Wimbledon and a movie—The Truth about Cats and Dogs. I may have had my head turned towards the television with my eyes open during the move…if I’m honest.

RJ was fascinated by the entries in the guestbook journals the owners left in the sunroom of the cottage. The guests who signed them tended to be long-winded. Many of the entries read like diaries. He read the most interesting ones aloud. There were couples who stayed in Suite Alice on their honeymoon and returned five, ten or fifteen years later. The entry from a woman around September 11, 2001 was poignant; somber yet patriotic and hopeful, capturing the general mood of the country at the time. Another couple from Texas visited several times a year. Judy highlighted family events, including the return of her son from Afghanistan. Each time they visited, the number of their grandchildren increased. As of June second, I think they had fifteen.
Some folks were challenged by the English language. If I’m honest, I’ll admit those entries were among our favorites. Our number one pick, however, was also entertaining because of the author’s content.
"We arrived Friday late no thanks to the bad directsuns but we made it as you can see. We got Bubbas barb que and ate it her Friday night. Tip played his Nintendo. He cant go anywheres without it! LOL! Were so happy to get time to ourselfs since litle Deja Brayon was born. Can you beleve shes sevin months old now! Me, I cant.

Saturday. Tip played his game. I sat on the deck and did nothing! LOL!! Tip made burgers on the grill. We had a romance time in the hottub and went to bed early if you know what I mean! LOL!!

Sunday. I slept all night for the first time in months. Tip stoped playing Nintendo! We eat at the Cresent for Brunch but you should tell us it was going to be so much money! Serius. No LOL. Butt we had a great time her!! Thanks for letting us stay. Cindi and Tip Bintmally from Tulsa.”

(This entry is rendered to the best of RJ and my recollections. Honest. The names have been changed to protect the grammatically challenged, except Deja Brayon. She can't write yet.)


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I admit to snooping through the guestbook when I go and stay places and I love the long winded grammatically challenged ones the best! Often we would read them aloud and then create a whole backstory about "Sue and Bubba." It was fun to challenge each other to top each person's story!

Thanks for the memories.

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Thanks for commenting. I appreciate the time you took from your busy day to share your thoughts.

I'm reassured to know others enjoy the guest book pastime. I like your back story idea.

I waxed poetic in the guest book and mentioned something about Suite Alice being a wonderful, creating setting for a writer. I signed it, in a completely shameless act of self-promotion, "Jules Jacob, www.redroom.com/member/julesjacob"

Hope "Tip" and "Cindi" don't read what I wrote.