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It’s the season to be jolly; the kick off of a new year filled with hope and high expectations. In keeping with these pretentious premises, I’m delivering a blog dripping with optimistic, uplifting, encouraging, positive, redundant words.

I’m planning a trip to Barnes & Noble where—abracadabra—my gift certificate will disappear. The thought of my mailman sticking the highest credit card bill of the century in my mailbox is banned from my mind. (Again.)

I’m draping this blog with symbolic holly and filling it with bright starts, new beginnings, resolutions and…


(Oops. I temporarily lost my positivity or I was truly giddy and started rhyming.)

I’m sitting in my parent’s kitchen in Littleton, Colorado admiring the snow-dusted Blue Spruce in their backyard and the poinsettia on the counter. Jazz is swinging softly in the background. The lights from the tree are casting a gentle, rainbow glow on my face. (That may not be true but happy blogs require fabrication in my world.)

RJ and my parents are chatting in the background while my parents begin to prepare a belated Christmas dinner. Their chatter isn’t distracting, irritating, interrupting my train of thought and my mother is not frustrated because she can’t get the goddamn, sixteen pound turkey to fit in the roasting pan.

I won’t allow complaints to enter my preconditioned negative, nay, realistic brain. I won’t break my promise and wreck this blog with bad juju. I will end on a positive note and wish everyone a Happy New Year.

And—rah, rah, shish, kum, bah—do not think about the mailman stuffing bills in your mailbox.   

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Jules, Your positive blog had


Your positive blog had the desired effect. I am grinning from ear to ear!

Here's hoping 2012 is filled with if not positive juju each day, then at least the grace of looking at life through humor tinted glasses!


Happy New Year!


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"Looking at life through humor tinted glasses." I love it.

Making you grin makes me feel good. It's...positive!

Take care,



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Happy For You

I'm glad to hear you're being so positive.  But, hey, it's early yet.

Just sayin.

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January 1st


Yup, something's up with me. It's positively amazing but I'll be better soon.

Thanks for reading.



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The Folly of Being Jolly

You are so funny.  And you seem to be honest too--no matter how hard you are trying to be otherwise.  I loved Annette's comment also.  May we all have the wisdom to look at our lives through humor-tinted glasses.

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Thanks for your wonderful comments. At times I need to curtail my honesty...I'm too blunt. I met a sweet lady at a New Years Eve party and after a five minute chat, she said, "You have an honest openess about you." I laughed and said, "You mean forwardness?"

My "humor-tinted glasses" are always on.


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Best wishes for continued

Best wishes for continued looking on the bright side of life, Jules, and happy New Year!

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Happy New Year to you as well. Humor keeps me from going over to the dark side. <smile>