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February 29th Publication

Camroc Press Review has a wonderful online format. Each week they publish one author’s short stories or poetry. Past works are archived alphabetically by author's first name and are available as well.

I’m pleased they selected me to be their featured author for a week beginning leap day. Please mark your calendars for February 29th—not only would I love to have you read Drive, The Glass Sponge and Seeds—I’d also like you to read some of the fine work in the archives.

And I offer my poetry at Camroc Press Review as evidence to the non-believers who think I’m kidding when I say I have a serious side.

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Congratulations, Jules

Once again, congratulations, Jules.  You are doing great for an invalid. Ha.  Look forward to seeing your serious side. (Or are you really kidding about that and just trying to fool us once again?)

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Thank you.

I'm not trying to fool you. I'm not kidding. Really. Truly. Seriously.

You'll have to trust me.


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Congratulations, Jules!  I

Congratulations, Jules! 

I look forward to reading it!

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I appreciate your congratulations. I hope you enjoy the poems. I don't expect everyone to like or love them. There are many people who don't care for poetry or "get it". (My husband is one of them.)