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I’ve got issues. Blogging issues—like worrying about the appropriate amount of time I should spend on a blog. Is there an Elements of Style for Bloggers? (Sorry, Will and E.B., that was very rude of me.)

Is ten minutes too little time to start and finish a blog? Is a day too long but an hour just right, Goldilocks? Whatever it is, I bet I’m wasting, I mean spending, more time than average on every blog.  

Running a hundred yards under ten seconds is fantastic in football but this isn’t a contact sport, except for those blogging contests. The only things I need to go faster in blogging are my mind, fingers and computer. Maybe the problem is I need to stop being such a perfectionist.  

I don’t know why I agonize over my blogs. I don’t think spending half a day writing and rewriting a blog about blogging is going to make a difference to anyone other than myself. I’m either ridiculously self indulgent, a writer or both.

Maybe I’m worried for nothing. <Preemptive gasp> Do purists even consider blogging to be a proper form of writing?

My original intent was to take a survey about the amount of time everyone spends on their blogs but a survey guarantees nobody would respond so I ditched the idea. Besides, I know half of you have no problem cranking out one, two, even three blogs a day (guaranteeing those of you who do won’t be responding to me.)

This blog was a record. It only took an hour and a half. Hey, I was watching House Hunter International and typing on the commercials. At least I’m faster than my husband.

Pity RJ doesn’t blog.

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Sometimes it flows ...

... (and I'm pretending you want me to respond to your "survey" because I love to respond) and when it does flow and when I want to write it, it's better.

My problem is I keep going back to my blog post and fixing it. I'm always seeing something wrong with it after I've posted. "Darn. Dang, there's another one. Whoops, how could I have missed that?"

And whaddya talking about, Jules - this is real writing, and you can get instant feedback too!

Good one! Barb

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Of course I want you to respond. I love receiving replies. (Just blew my cover didn't I?)

I find myself fretting over my blog when I feel I should be fretting over my book. For some reason, I have the impression a blog shouldn't cause so much consternation. The problem is, I can't take any of my writing lightly. It's the editor/critic perpetually perched on my shoulder.

 And thank you for responding to my non-survey.




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One can do it in any measurable time if purpose is 'only to blog.' But will take more time at-least couple of hours to describe and justify what you want to say. Smallest can be a one liner.I am second to Barbara,in responding.

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One Liners


It's nice to hear from you. Thank you for your insightful comments.

I look forward to the day I dash off a one liner blog. Heck, I can barely manage a one liner reply. As a matter of fact, I'm still having trouble with one liner emails.

I fear even with a one liner, I'd spend an hour or more changing the words around. It's something to aspire to though. Maybe Red Room can sponsor a one liner blog contest...that's enough motivation for me. 

Again, thanks for responding. My non-survey is doing okay.



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Here is sample 'One liner.'

 Dear Jules,thanks for your reply. Its really a good idea.Enjoy one sample of one liner.


  'I bought a disassembled bike on Christmas Eve and found that  there are no instructions book in the box and it reminded me of a  journey I had started since I walked on this planet,with no proper GPS devise atteched  to me but I just kept traveling, enough to make my journey a destination itself.'

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Excellent, Jitu. I agree with Sue. If we have a one liner contest as I suggested, you'd be one of the winners.

Thanks for your example.


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Thank you

Thanks Jules.

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The winner--Jitu!!

I immediately thought a one-liner blog contest was a great idea. And Jitu went further and did it. Definitely a winner, Dr. Jitu!!

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Thanks Sue for your appreciation. Nice to meet you over here after a long time. 

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Hi Jules,

I think that before I went on vacation in Hawaii I would have been interested and even felt competitive with you in creating a one-line blog contest or trying to make the perfect blog post in the least amount of time. But, now I've changed. I feel detached from the need to take part in frenzy or freneticism, stress and deadlines. I left for Hawaii with a back tweaked and a cold. I came back tweak-less and uninterested in being shot out of a cannon. Feels pretty darned good.

Good luck with the idea of limiting your blog time. It does get to be alluring. I like comments, too, by the way, and I've actually considered having a conversation with myself when no-one responds to what I considered a pretty natty little post.


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I shall tell my doctor I need a script for a vacation to Hawaii to help my back.


P.S. I read your natty little posts. Forgive me for not commenting more often.