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Don't Have 17,000 Years
Glass Sponge Close Up

If it were the 1960's, the foster children I help might sing me this song...

"Help me if you can I'm feeling down
and I do appreciate you coming round.
Help me get my feet back on the ground.
Won't you please, please
help me, help me, help me..."

Glass Sponges can live for 17,000 years but the opportunity to purchase an advance copy of The Glass Sponge and donate ten percent of your purchase to CASA of Southwest Missouri ends March 6, 2013.

Who is CASA? I am. As a Court Appointed Special Advocate I write about, look out for and speak for children who've been removed from their homes and placed in foster care because of abuse and/or neglect. CASA advocates stay with the children they're assigned to until the children are placed in a permanent home. (My prior case lasted two and a half years.)

Advance sales purchases of The Glass Sponge help determine the size of the print run. The number of copies Finishing Line Press prints will benefit me as an author. More importantly, a larger print run will increase the opportunity for more readers to hear the complex, often misunderstood voices of "the neglected, the used, the users and the abused."

Order The Glass Sponge online or mail a check or money order to PO Box 1626, Georgetown KY, 40324.

My deepest gratitude to those who hover over a link in this blog (click it!) and to everyone who's already ordered advance copies of The Glass Sponge.