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The Drum Throne

Drum stools do not exist. Drummers drum from thrones situated high on the stage where they look down at the keyboardists sitting on lowly benches. Drummers are protected by shields; the Plexiglas sound barrier surrounding their drum kit. Thrones, shields and manly beating, banging and crashing—it’s no surprise drummers have high and mighty attitudes.

Professional musicians may know proper names and uses of drumming equipment but NPM’s like me know how to repurpose drum stools. I mean thrones.

A drum throne doesn’t make the best climbing tool but when used incorrectly, it helps many people including paramedics, Dr. Shepherd at St. John’s E.R., my PCP, Dr. Woodall, my orthopedist, Dr. Efird, physical therapists and the hospital radiologist. (Didn’t get his name.)  

R.J. removed his drum throne from the garage two days ago. He took it to the theater for rehearsals. Shows start next week. When he got home he couldn’t wait to talk to me. 

“I took a picture of the drum throne.”

“Why would you do that?” I said. “It’s not funny.”

“I took a picture in case you forget what it looks like.”

“Oh, ha, ha. I never want to see that thing again.”

RJ smiled. “I took two pictures actually. One is of the logo sewn into the seat.”

“And why would you take a picture of that?”

“Didn’t you notice the brand name?”  

I leaned on my cane to take the weight off my broken pelvis and motioned with my left hand to my broken right shoulder. “No, R.J. I didn’t have time to read the logo on my way down to crashing on the cement.”  

“I think you’ll appreciate it. It’s Roc ~n~ Soc.”

“Oh, ha again. Like she got rocked and socked? You’re kidding.”

“I’m not kidding Julie. Look at the picture.”

I looked. There it was on the seat of the chair…Roc ~n~ Soc. “It’s not funny,” I said.

Actually, it was.

A Roc-N-Soc Drum Throne

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Jules, It is funny! Sorry


It is funny! Sorry that you had to make so many people happy by falling off the drum throne. Hope you are feeling better.


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My life experiences are usually funnier than those I imagine. I prefer they didn't hurt but it helps to know happiness and laughter are by-products.

I feel a bit better each day although I walk like a penguin with a cane under one wing and a sling on the other.


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Oh, you poor thing. How awful

Oh, you poor thing. How awful to get roc'd -n- soc'd so. Heal quickly!

(And next time use a proper step stool.)

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I appreciate your condolences.

I definitely learned my lesson the hard way on this one. On the bright side- I've decided to become a stepstool advocate.


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Jules: "My life experiences


"My life experiences are usually funnier than those I imagine. I prefer they didn't hurt but it helps to know happiness and laughter are by-products."

After this, I'd say you Roc n  Soc. It will hurt; you will heal.  And stepstools can now claim a lifelong ally. 

On another note, I thought RJ taking pictures was wonderful. As a photo junkie of any and every thing, these serve as reminders of 'ordinary' moments. 

Get well soon. 


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RJ also took pictures pictures of his iphone of my the large, ugly hematoma on my hip and the even more dreadful laceration on my shin. He's been showing them to his friends and co-workers. 

I decided not to disgust the public with these photos...I saved them for my family.

It's good to hear from you.