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Top Ten Things Overheard Today When My Husband’s Computer Crashed
     (Before I left for a long walk in the deep snow.)

 10. Huh, my computer isn’t working properly.

  9. Yes, I can figure it out myself.

  8. What the bleep? I can’t figure out what’s going on here.

  7. Bleep, bleep, bleep. Now it’s locking up in Safe Mode!

  6. Wait a minute, I think it’s working.

  5. It froze up again. Bleep!

  4. I wish it would stop bleeping snowing.
  3. Takes two bleeping days to reinstall these bleeping programs.

  2. BLEEP! I haven’t backed up my bleeping computer in a bleeping month.

  1. This BLEEPING piece of BLEEP is BLEEPING me off.