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Is your blog consistently overflowing with fresh, enticing content that attracts readers like how-to-get-your-book-published books attract unpublished authors?

Or, have you been staring at the blank white page on your screen so long you’re suffering from white out?
If you answered yes to the first question, I advise you to stop reading.  The remainder of this blog could derail your successful blogging techniques.
If you answered yes to the second question, I advise you to stop. I don’t mean reading—stop staring at the screen.

My recommendation is to limit your staring time to ten minutes. If, after ten minutes, you are viewing a large chunk of white real estate, step away from the screen—a miraculous blog is not forthcoming when fifty percent of the keys you’re striking are delete and back space. Go take out the trash or do the laundry, just not the whites.

Chores are known to break Writer’s Blogck for two reasons: They are boring—even staring at a blank screen is more fun. Chores have been known to provide inspiration for a blog, which your reader’s pray isn’t about chores.

(This blog isn’t about chores.)

If you’re lucky (or a good writer), the words will return when you return to your seat. If you’re very lucky (or a great writer), the words will be worth reading.  

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Ha ha Jules, unfortunately

Ha ha Jules, unfortunately the chores always have to be completed and the white blank screen is completely up to you! I actually have a cleaning lady in the offing to help me because with college and home and a little writing my head is going to burst. Keep with the white screen - it is full of possibilities & beats the loo with the upturned seat anyday! m

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Chores vs. learing

I'm glad you have help. Do whatever it takes because school is so important. I am proud of you for going back to school. I went back to college, for the third time, when I was 47 for Horticultural Therapy.

Yes, the chores have to be done...damn it...to maintain stability and order. 

But the chores must not get in the way of learning.

Because learning sparks our minds and writing keeps the spark from dying. 


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See here, Jules my friend,

See here, Jules my friend, you must define that word ‘chores’ for those of us for whom dust is ornamental, dirty dishes are gravity-defying towers, and clean is a terminology outside The Puppy’s vocabulary! Fun!

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Definition of Chores

Dearest Mara,

chore: any activity we 'should' do that we don't want to do. 


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Writers Blogck

How cute! I loved your blog. It provided the perfect midnight laugh.


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Midnight Laugh

Hi, Eva

Always nice to hear I make you laugh. (Hope it didn't keep you up too late.)

Thanks for reading the blog.