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My blog for today is ruined.  And it’s your fault.

I was more excited than all the comparisons I'm too distraught to think of to read today’s blogs. I fully anticipated half the blogs to contain political discourses, I mean rants disguised as brilliant viewpoints, about witches, warlocks, tea drinkers, and puppy mill evil doers. (If you’re confused on that last one, move to Missouri, where you’ll be more confused.)   

I would’ve bet my Ross Perot pin that twenty percent of today’s blogs would be about voting—how it’s my patriotic duty to earn my “I voted sticker” and my obligation to wear it until it falls off through its own volition.

But, the majority of today’s blogs weren't about politics. What a blow.  Nor did I find the email I expected from Red Room.  I was positive there’d be a contest this week. I would’ve bet my Live Free or Die tee-shirt the subject would be "Blog about the first time you voted.”
No contest? That was a crushing blow.
There went my blog topic for today—“Be quiet” or “Enough already.” I was going to suggest a new game for Red Room based on a game we play in our family. (Of course.) It’s easy and sometimes works with small children in a car. It’s called the Quiet Game. The winner is the person who can be quiet the longest. (Really?) Nobody can beat my husband at the Quiet Game and he isn’t even playing.
But, I can’t blog about telling you to being quiet if you’re already quiet. Can't play the Political Quiet Game, either. (It would not be censorship because it's just a game.)

Actually, it’s too quiet. I bet all my Susan B. Anthony dollars it won't be once the results are in.
And I'll have the perfect blog…   

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If I had gotten one more phone call from some robot, I might have written a blog of protest today. I cannot imagine anyone changing their vote because of a phone call from a stranger. I think politians don't understand me. I deeply resented those phone calls disturbing my life. I wish someone had decided on the Quiet Game. This line struck me as your best line: "Nobody can beat my husband at the Quiet Game and he isn’t even playing." Made me think of some  men I know.

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Robo Voice

Sue, I am thrilled today marks the end of calls from robo voice for 18 months. And the end of political ads. If I run for office, my platform/objective will be to ban political ads on tv because they're bad for your health, like the cigarette ads. My goal will be to force everyone to read about the issues, candidates, and  propositions so perhaps they'll know what they are voting for.


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New Candidate

I like that - read more watch less. Its just too hard to try and educate yourself today, far easier to let someone else layout your pretty multi pixel, ding dong position for you! Nevada, really, those are the most qualified individuals(either side) to run that state. With nothing intelligent to say, accusing your opponent of being an idiot and catching an idiot moment to air all over the media is the "modi operandi" of todays well paid strategists. Wow, we are the most evolved creatures on the planet, aren't we?




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I think we as writers are going to quietly into that bad night

We should be ranting about the election, or at least spoofing it. Then you could tell us to shut up.

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Hi, Steve

Darn. I thought I was spoofing everything and everyone concerning yesterday's election. Guess I missed my mark.

Thanks for your comments.


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Whatever happens tonight the bottom line is please vote to your best ability to create jobs! More pot, less Dems, Harry Ried smiling, Sarah Palin getting blamed, who cares! Lets get this thing called America rolling again-Jeez!

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I believe I understand your point. I could have said, "Quit Your Bitchin', Just Vote."

But where's the fun in that?


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Not exactly Jules, I love to read your rants. I just wish the public in general, that includes the politicians, would behave in a manner that is good for the whole. Kind of like raising kids,selfish parents lead to screwy kids. Selfish elected officials, screwy laws.

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Election Selection


I vote for you and your blog!


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My Blog


Thank you for admiring my lack of patience for political bickering and opinionated mudslinging. I don't mind people debating or stating opinion with facts. I am tired of the consensus on both sides that their side is correct. One side isn't "good" or "bad" in a political party.

Political compromise. What?



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Can I Come Over?

I live in the way wrong state and think I'm finally accepting that the electorate here is brain dead. Must be the illegal pot that isn't really illegal but keeps not being legalized. I don't know. Also, they all voted down legislation to require an $18 fee to fund state parks. So, let's see, go to one of over 200 beautiful, unusual state parks, most of which are literally crumbling into ruin, any day of the year and refuse to pay for their maintenance or go out to dinner with another person once a year at, oh, Denny's, or Marie Callendar's or, oh!, buy three lattes at Starbucks for the exact same price? Hmmmm... duh! Starbucks! no brainer!

Yes, I'm very bitter. I'm wearing a black arm band.