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A November to Remember
November Croquet

On October 31st, 2011, I was enjoying the Halloween candy I bought for the non-costumed adults. I was looking forward to our daughter’s wedding and spending time with family on 11-11-11.

RJ and I were somber on the morning of 11-1-11; the tenth anniversary of my sister-in-law Marguerite’s suicide. The anniversary of 9-11 is a yearly reminder of her death. Witnesses reported Marguerite said she was the devil and responsible for the attacks on the twin towers. These words were the last she spoke before she died. 

November sent more than a somber anniversary and joyous wedding. November delivered our grandson’s premature birth on 11-1-11, my oldest daughter ’s monumental prescription drug relapse and psychiatric meltdown on 11-11-11, my uncle’s death and my ex-husband's (father of my children) motorcycle accident resulting in swelling and bleeding in the brain on 11-26-11.

Many people believe bad things happen in threes. I don’t believe a nasty unseen power whose favorite number is three put my family on his calendar for November, 2011. People are born, they get married, they get sick, they get in accidents, they get addicted, they take their own lives and they die of natural causes. (Okay…usually not all in one month in one family.)

These out-of-the-ordinary events occurring in one month has been quite stressful. It was also a bit shocking that the six events occurred on three days—11-1-11, 11-11-11, and 11-26-11. I bet folks who believe in bad things happening in threes are saying we got it times two.

I don’t belong to the church of numerology, either so I didn’t waste time on the internet researching the significance of these numbers and dates. I am relieved the third set of events didn’t happen on 11-21-11. Every ten days would have been too many coincidences—even for someone levelheaded like me—someone who doesn’t believe in date significance, who was married on 8-8 because it’s her favorite number and father-in-law’s birthday and it represents infinity. (My nose is not bigger than it was when I started this paragraph.)

The good news is our grandson, Jameson, who’s been in NICU for four weeks, may get to go home this week. November first now marks the joyous day of Jameson’s surprise birth.

Although we have temporary guardianship of our twenty-three month old granddaughter, and she's running interference on my writing game, her mother is getting help and has a large support system. Our daughter, Ashley, and new son-in-law are helping us take care of our granddaughter a few days a week.

The doctor’s report my ex-husband will not suffer any long term effects from his severe concussion and broken collarbone. His helmet saved his life.  

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and November delivered the the best stress reliever— perfect weather for croquet. My six-year old granddaughter, Lillian, won the match again. (Upper management is considering moving her from the amateur circuit.)

November of 2011 was unbelievable, unpredictable, and unprecedented.  There are only two things I know with absolute certaintly about this month. It’s going to end tomorrow and I’m looking forward to December.




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I am glad you are through with November too.  I knew you were having some rough times--but did not suppose ALL of this.   I am glad that your grandson's birth, the wedding, and Thanksgiving were good.  Those two granddaughters are also doing their part in giving you some happy memories to look back on for November 2011.  Hope the good things and good memories are even surpassed in December and the year ends with peace, serenity, and happiness for all of youl.

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I focus on the happy occasions and beautiful memories of November, 2011. If I dwell on the negative or worry about my oldest daughter too much, my fear and anxiety hobble me from doing anything constructive.

I know in time, perhaps even the "bad" things will have a beneficial purpose but I can't help but think of the Chinese proverb, "May you live in interesting times."

I hope your Thanksgiving was serene.


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Jules, You've proven what I


You've proven what I say about tribulation: If you can walk away, it's a story. It's only a tragedy when you can't walk away. 

Congratulations on the birth of your grandson - may be get strong and healthy quickly. Congrats, too, on the wedding! 

Wishing a quiet December to you and your family!


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I love what you say about tribulations. It's a quote worthy of being spread around the world. I debated whether I should blog about our recent tribulations. It was a short debate- as a writer there was no way I couldn't write about them.

Thank you for reading my blog.


P.S. Carol Burnett quote: "Comedy is tragedy plus time."

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Jules, That sure is a lot to

Jules, That sure is a lot to deal with in a month. Your sharing gives strength in knowing we can get through those tough times. Congratulations on the wedding and the birth of your grandson!

Wishing you a pleasant December with much laughter and warmth.

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No one is exempt from tough times. At one point in their lives they will experience a rough patch or two...or a thousand.

The wedding and surprise birth of my grandson are what made this the November to remember.